Will DeVier Posey be a 1,000 yard receiver in 2010? We think so.
Dave and Drew Thurman (8:03 am)

Thursday night around 7:30 PM, the pigskin will fly off the tee and the much anticipated 2010 season will finally begin.  Nobody knows for sure what all will take place, but here are a few predictions to sink your teeth into and ponder, and disagree with in the remaining hours before kickoff.

1. Terrelle Pryor will throw for over 2500 yards and 25 touchdowns, but finish second to John Clay in voting for Big Ten POY.

Pryor's mechanics and throwing ability is always going to receive some scrutiny, but his consistency will improve in 2010. Tressel has already given Pryor the green light to air it out more this season, and with the weapons around him these seem like very attainable numbers. As good as this year could be for Pryor though, we feel he falls short of the Big Ten POY. He simply has too many weapons around him, and we all know these honors go to guys who have to put the team on his shoulders all year long.   

2.  Either Jamaal Berry or Jordan Hall will take a kickoff to the house.

We just learned that Berry and Hall will be returning kickoffs, so expect some fireworks. The last few years have been pretty mediocre in terms on special teams, especially in the return game, and these two youngsters should provide a much needed spark.

3.  Despite all the good tailbacks in the backfield, Brandon Saine will separate himself from the pack and total over 1,200 yards of total offense.

Saine's versatility provides matchup nightmares for opposing defenses, as we learned last year. The Buckeyes have too many tailbacks for an 1,000 yard rusher in 2010, but Saine's hands out of the backfield will help him accumulate around 1,200 yards of total offense. It should be a great senior campaign for Saine.  

4.  Jake Stoneburner will NOT catch more than 30 balls this year.

Stoney is definitely going to make the tight end position relevant again in Columbus, but there are simply too many talented playmakers on offense. Our guess is that he is a two catch a game guy, which would leave him just shy of the 30 reception mark.

5.  Ohio State will receive the first half kickoff in every game but one.

Yes, we all know Tressel's strategy - he likes to get the ball first. Most opposing coaches have no problem with this, most probably think he is partially insane. There always seems to be one coach who wants to outsmart Tressel and take the ball first, like it's the key to the Buckeye game plan. Typically it's a desperate coach like Ron Zook. Mark it down, it will happen! 
Drew Thurman (9:02 pm)

It's game week! Of course that means we finally start getting some of our questions answered. Tressel had his first press conference of the season earlier this afternoon and it gave us a lot to chew on.

1) The big news that Tressel revealed was that Nathan Williams will be out for the Marshall game, with Solomon Thomas starting in his place. While there is no reason for panic (and this was expected), the depth on the defensive line is a big question mark heading into the season. The latest depth chart revealed that Adam Bellamy will be backing up Cameron Heyward at the other DE spot. I like Bellamy and his potential at DT, but we all know the guy will never be a defensive end. You also have a true freshman in Jonathan Hankins in the two-deep at defensive tackle. Now with the news about Williams, you have to wonder if the defensive line really has the depth to duplicate last season.

2) We also got some answers about the secondary today. Chimdi Chekwa (hamstring) is questionable for the Marshall game, further adding to the list of injuries on defense. At the other corner spot, Devon Torrence (hamstring) should be good to go this Thursday night. Also, Tressel made it clear that C.J. Barnett didn't just jump Orhian Johnson on the depth chart at safety because of Johnson's injury. He says Barnett has been very impressive this fall and there will be good competition there in the future.

3) There are tons of fans out there wondering how Jordan Hall and Jaamal Berry are going to get involved this fall. Saine and Herron are going to get the bulk of the carries, at least initially, and the youngsters have too much talent not to see the field. Well, Tressel revealed that both Hall and Berry will be handling kickoff returns Thursday night. We all know the return woes in recent years, so this is very pleasant news.

4) We also learned that Tressel will continue to be "The Senator." He refused to speak much on the UM/OSU game being moved, and wanted to talk solely about the game against Marshall. He did said that it has not been a distraction to the team thus far, but it's obvious he is doing his best to keep it that way. Some would like to see Tressel make more of a stand though.

For full notes from Tressel's press conference, click here
Drew Thurman (1:36 pm)

Tressel had his first press conference of the season today during lunch, and the big news he revealed was that Nathan Williams will be sitting out for the Marshall game. That news definitely makes me a little uneasy about how healthy he will be for the Miami (FL) game. Solomon Thomas will get his first career start in Williams' place.

The other health related news bit Tressel revealed is that Chekwa is questionable for Thursday night.

We will have more from Tressel's press conference and some of the other headlines around the Buckeye universe later today.
Drew Thurman (8:46 am)

There were reports and rumors yesterday that former Buckeye recruit Dionte Allen was transferring to tOSU. The defensive back out of Orchard Lake (Mich.) St. Marys picked FSU over OSU coming out of high school, but after a bumpy road with the Seminoles will supposedly come play in Columbus. The Dispatch reported this early this morning:

"Florida State cornerback Dionte Allen is transferring to Ohio State this season, according to OSU receiver Taurian Washington, his former high school teammate.

"An Ohio State spokesperson said she could not confirm the transfer, as it has not been finalized.

"Allen, from Orchard Lake (Mich.) St. Marys, will have one year of eligibility left after sitting out this season. He redshirted in 2007 and has appeared in 14 games, with one start, over the past two seasons."
Game Day with the Thurman's
Dave Thurman (10:13 am)

With less than a week until Ohio State's opener against Marshall, it is time to get geared up for the best time of the year, a three month span filled with an abundance of sights and sounds unlike anything else on the planet.  Buckeye football is so much more than just a game, it is truly a spectacle - an event that sends chills up and down the spine.  Every fan of the scarlet and gray has their own favorite tradition, and just for fun, I have polled our family of four, as we think back to twenty years of Buckeye games.

-Courtney: The baby of our family is about to turn 21 and she can't remember a time when she didn't attend or watch OSU games.  Being a bit of a fashionista it is no surprise that she says her favorite part of Ohio State game day is getting dressed in Buckeye gear, complete with peel off tattoos on her cheeks.  She also loves the tailgating as we try and arrive plenty early, listen to a CD of TBDBITL, and enjoy some delicious pregame food.  Don't think she doesn't enjoy the game, though.  Courtney can tell you every position on the field and what formation they are in, as well as other nuances of the game.  And last year as we were tossing the pigskin before a game, an OSU fan walking by shouted, "Hey she passes better than Pryor!"

-Susan: Momma is a born and bred Buckeye who went to Princeton High School north of Cincinnati, which sports scarlet and gray colors themselves.  She is also a musician, though, and so she loves the band and gets pretty fired up when they play the Buckeye Battle Cry.  Still her favorite game day tradition is the O-H-I-O cheer.  One story comes to mind.  We were in Bloomington, to watch the Buckeyes take on the Hoosiers, and they had just annointed their stadium "The Rock."  Each person entering that day was given a slip of paper with instructions to start a R-O-C-K chant.  Well, the home crowd gave it a valiant effort, but as soon as the cheer started it was literally drowned out by O-H-I-O.  The poor Indiana fans were defeated before the game even began.
Drew Thurman (2:04 pm)

With less than a week until the Buckeyes hit the gridiron, it's time to start pulling out the complete scralet and gray wardrobe. This is also the time of year when we all start grabbing up the latest Buckeye apparel out there. So I figured I would assemble a list of my favorite t-shirts, hats, and other gear from around the web. This may just be the first post in TSB history that you will actually want to show your wife.

Some of you might think the Block "O" is a little boring, but I love the throw back look. Not only that, but it's an organic t-shirt, which are 100% better than crappy Hanes and Gildan tees.


It may be one of the most simple shirts ever, but I don't care, I am a huge fan of the vintage Homage tees. Script Ohio is argubly the best game day tradition out there, and this shirt represents it.


This is Dri-FIT shirt, which may be nice if you are in the stands September 2nd. Dri-FIT shirts are the way to go, especially if you actually get off the couch and do something every now and then.


The guys over at Eleven Warriors just released a whole bunch of new designed tees, and this is my favorite. Carmen Ohio is my favorite OSU tradition, and once again the vintage tee looks legit.


One of a handful of pretty standard shirts Nike releases every year. Still it's a cool looking tee, and one of the few black OSU shirts I really like.

Drew Thurman (11:18 pm)

We are just one week out from the Buckeyes finally being back in action again. This time next week I hopefully will be writing a recap about how well the team looked against Marshall, and how few concerns there are heading into the Miami (FL) game. At this point there seem to be a few more question marks than most of us would like and next week will provide some much needed answers.

The next seven days will be brutally slow, and while you wait, here are some of the things you should be reading.

1) The Buckeyes released the first depth chart of the season today.

Most the reaction around the web has been pretty apathetic about it, but it actually offered quite a few insights. First, a ton of youngsters have made their presence known throughout the two-deep. True freshman like Jonathan Hankins, Christian Bryant, Corey Brown, and Andrew Norwell all find themselves on the list. That doesn't even include the bevy of redshirt freshman and sophomores who help make up a big portion of the depth chart.

Second, the Buckeyes are obviously not near as deep at defensive end as we would like. Adam Bellamy finds himself backing up Cameron Heyward, showing how thin the position really is. Honestly though, the only other option would be Melvin Fellows. With Solomon Thomas behind Nathan Williams and Keith Wells now gone, there really are no other experienced options. Outside of Heyward, Williams and Thomas there is not another upperclassmen on the defensive line depth chart. Something that could hurt down the stretch.

Then there is C.J. Barnett jumping Orhian Johnson on the depth chart at safety. This was the only real surprise, unless you have been under a rock and didn't hear that Sweat has jumped Sabino. There has been some panic because of the Barnett's size and lack of experience, but all those in the know claim this all due to Johnson being injured.

Another note at safety is that Christian Bryant has bypassed Nate Oliver on the two-deep at Star.
Dave Thurman (4:50 pm)

For only the second time in the 121-year history of Ohio State football there will be six captains in 2010.  Three seniors from the offensive side of the football were named: Bryant Browning, Brandon Saine, and Dane Sanzenbacher.  And, three senior defensive stalwarts were also chosen: Cameron Heyward, Brian Rolle and Ross Homan. 

Personally, I think all six are excellent choices, and bring strong leadership to this year's team.  Incidentally, the only other time that six captains were chosen was back in 1982.  While this is certainly a rare occurrence, it is hard to find fault with any of the players selected.  This group of young men are all smart, focused, and hard-working, and it excites me to see such a level of leadership for a squad that has so much promise.
Is there a power back in this group?
Dave Thurman (9:05 am)

All summer long columnists and bloggers have weighed in on what to expect from the 2010 version of the Ohio State Buckeyes.  We filled our time guessing about strengths and weaknesses, based off of last season's performances combined with spring practices.  But a lot has changed in the past few months.  While the real answers won't come until the games are played, there are some things we now know that we didn't know a month ago.

1.  We now know that the offenisve line isn't as deep as anticipated - Marcus Hall played pretty well last year and checked into fall practice looking lean and mean.  Without doubt the team looked at him as a key cog in a deeper, more athletic line.  Now that he is redshirting for off the field issues, things don't look quite so bright.  Outside of Andrew Miller, who is serviceable at best, and Corey Linsley, there doesn't seem to be much reliable depth. A name we have heard little about is Jack Mewhort, who I thought would be a solid player this year.  The coaches do like Linsley a lot, and most seem to think true freshmen Andrew Norwell is going to be a player, hopefully sooner rather than later.  Still fans are left to hope for few injuries again this year, which is getting to be an old song and dance. 

2.  We now know that our backfield is deep but not necessarily powerful - The deepest position on the roster coming into fall practice appeared to be tailback.  It still looks that way, but we may have to wait a little longer to see a power back in the lineup.  Brandon Saine and Boom Herron are good backs who are battle tested.  Jordan Hall is talented and fearless.  And, Jaamal Berry is beginning to realize his vast potential. None of these four is overly big or strong however.   Unfortunately, Carlos Hyde, who some believe could be a true "bell cow", has been injured and probably won't play any significant minutes, at least in the early games.  And, we are still waiting on the NCAA (who continues to make the US Post Office seem fast and efficient) to clear Roderick Smith for action.  At this point it is obvious that Rod will redshirt.  Without Hyde or Smith playing, there will be no power back for short yardage and goal line situations.
Will Pryor's scrambling hinder the 25-35 throws we've been promised?
Dave and Drew Thurman (10:41 am)

Family Feud is a feature where Dave and Drew throw their opinions in on various Buckeye football subjects, which many times are quite opposite. This edition takes a look at some of the hot topics that surround fall practice as the team looks ahead to September 2nd...

1) From the practice reports, which freshman are you most excited to see?

Dave: Got to be big Jonathan Hankins. I have waited a long time to see a 325+ pounder clogging the middle for the Buckeyes. It seems the good SEC teams always have a supply of these guys at defensive tackle, but for whatever reason OSU has not had a big run-stuffing DT for many years. I'm not saying Hankins will be the best freshman in Scarlet and Gray, but he is the one I am most pumped to watch.

Drew: Without a doubt I want to see Carlos Hyde in the backfield. Hankins is a good pick and I think T.Y. Williams would be as well, but Hyde should have the biggest impact. He's a power back with lots of versatility, and fills an important need for the Buckeyes. I was high on Hyde coming out of high school, even more than Berry, because his film really stuck out to me. I still believe he is a star in the making in the coming years. Everyone wants to talk about Berry and Roderick Smith, but it's time to jump on the Hyde bandwagon.

2) It's official, Marcus Hall will be redshirting because of academic issues.  How big of an impact do you see feel that has on the season?

Drew: I think this is a major blow. One of the greatest strengths of this team was the depth on the offensive line. Not only for rotation purposes, but also because of how easy it is for injuries to happen down the stretch during Big Ten play. I don't trust Norwell and Miller off the bench, especially on what is supposed to be a championship caliber offense. Not only that, but after Hall's pictures at the arrival of camp, I had high hopes for major playing time for him this year.

Dave: I can't argue with you on that. This is big. I guess if there are few injuries to the offensive line it isn't a show stopper. But if the tackles get nicked up, and the Bucks are forced to play Norwell (who you would like to redshirt) or Kerr, then it could be disastrous. I think Miller is serviceable at best, which gives you three tackles you feel fairly confident about. Thankfully the interior of the line is a lot more solid.