Rivals High breaks down Tommy Schutt's game and the timeline of his recruitment. Check it out...
It feels just as good to watch it a day later. We'll have a recap up later...
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Like him or hate him, Knight knows his X's and O's. Besides his talk about his wife's basketball days, this really is a great segment. If you missed it on SportsCenter early today, check it out...
Definition of failtacular - "A fail so epic it can almost be considered a win." Another definition is this...
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It's a rarity that Dad and I are together anymore, since I moved to Phoenix a year and a half ago, so we decided to do something a little special for Family Feud. Instead of reading our incredibly wise and profound writing, we decided to allow you to see us grace the camera. We may not win any Emmys, but our production quality will rival the Big Ten Network. Anyway, sarcasm aside, check out our latest edition of Family Feud which includes:

- A look at the 0-5 day the Big Ten had on Saturday
- More unfortunate, yet necessary talk of TatGate, and what ramifications it might have on the team in the Sugar Bowl
- A look inside the matchups on both sides of the ball against Arkansas
- Predictions for the game
- A sorry looking Brutus pillow in the background
The five players that were suspended for five games in 2011, issued their apology to Buckeye Nation. Each player was given a chance to express their remorse (with no questions from the media), and all five did seem truly seem sorry for what they had done. Those Buckeye fans who were hoping to see them condemned to the electric chair, will be disappointed. Anyway, you can watch all five players issue their statements in the two videos below (via The Plain Dealer).
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Ohio State added another verbal for the class of 2012, and he carries a familiar last name: Boren. Older brothers Justin and Zach have been starters for the Buckeyes the past two years, bringing the kind of toughness and physicality it takes to win in the Big Ten. So it was no surprise that little brother Jacoby was offered a scholarship recently, and also not shocking that he gave his verbal to the coaching staff today.

Like big brother Justin, Jacoby is an offensive lineman, having played center and right guard so far in his high school career at Pickerington Central.  The 6'2" 275 pound Boren has also played defensive end and linebacker on defense, but has been recruited by the Buckeyes as an offensive lineman, specifically as a center.  

Boren is already the fifth player in the class of 2012 to commit to Ohio State joining running backs Warren Ball (Columbus, Ohio/DeSales) and Brionte Dunn (Canton, Ohio/GlenOak), offensive lineman Kyle Kalis (Lakewood, Ohio/St. Edward) and linebacker Josh Perry (Lewis Center, Ohio/Olentangy).

Welcome to the Buckeye family Jacoby Boren! (Video after the jump...)

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I'm glad Michigan fans find Greg Robinson's stuffed animal tactics as disturbing as we do. In fact, the MZone put together this video. Props to them for one of the funniest videos I have seen in awhile...
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Every time I don't think Michigan football can fall any further, they do something to prove me wrong. This video surfaced yesterday showing defensive coordinator Greg Robinson rubbing linebacker Kenny Demens on the neck with some stuffed creature. It's unclear if it is a Wolverine, Badger, or some other animal. The Michigan players refuse to talk about the incident, claiming it is a secret. It's an effective one too, as they gave up 48 points and 558 yards against Wisconsin.