Drew Thurman (1:54 pm)

Today's News and Views is brought to us by O.J. Mayo and his agent. If you are like me you are probably sick of this whole story. With that said, I don't think the media has been too brutal at all. Apparently Stephen A. Smith thinks the media has been. His story is a little bit too much for me. Anyways, here are some other quick hitters...  

1) Adam Rittenberg of ESPN.com has a new article breaking down the Big Ten. It's pretty interesting stuff, and a good read. He gives some good questions for fans to think about.  

2) Coach Tressel.com has the list of OSU's top ten linebackers in Ohio State history from Ohio News Network. It's pretty good list to check out, but I am a little bummed that Andy Katzenmoyer only got #8.

3) ESPN.com has started a new thing called, "The Face of the Program." Fans of each team get to vote for the face of their program. Who gets your vote: Woody, Archie, Tressel, or someone else?    



05/23/2008 06:38

Woody is the face of the program now, but just give Tressel a few more years. When it's all said and done he will be the face of the program!

05/23/2008 06:56

It has been and always will be Woody. His attitude and coaching style defined OSU.

05/23/2008 10:05

I agree, it has to be Woody. I love Archie and Tressel, but Woody gets this one!

05/24/2008 08:46

stephen a smith is trash. that article was just plain stupid!


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