Drew Thurman (9:37 am)

I think Beanie Wells has skewed our perspective on running backs. His combination of size and speed has helped affect who fans want in the future. The evidence of this is clear in the 2009 class. Look at most boards and the first name you will see for running backs in 2009 is Carlos Hyde. Fans want the Buckeyes to get another Beanie. The problem is that a running back like Beanie only comes along every 10 years or so. I think Hyde is a very quality running back, but he will never be Beanie Wells.

So with all of that say, let me go in a different direction. Our offense is going to change under Terrelle Pryor. Our look is going to change under Terrelle Pryor. Speed is going to be important in the backfield with Terrelle Pryor. Enter Jamaal Berry. Berry has some incredible speed and playing making ability. I think he is obviously the best choice to be in the backfield with Terrelle Pryor.

Watch the second film below, and you will see what I mean. Berry comes from 10 yards behind a guy, and chases him down for a tackle. The play is remarkable, and shows the speed Berry has. Speed kills, and I want that speed to be in the backfield. I think Hyde is a solid back, but I offically hop on the Berry bandwagon. He is the kind of play maker we need in the backfield.



06/22/2008 10:25

I totally agree Drew! Berry should be getting much more talk among Buckeyes fans than he does. I also like Hyde a lot (it sounds like he is committing soon), but Berry should be the target. His film is amazing!


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