Drew Thurman (9:47 pm)

A few days ago I read some interesting comments from Tommy Tuberville over on AOL Fanhouse.He said this:

In advocating a playoff, Tuberville pointed to Ohio State losing by a wide margin in consecutive national championship games by SEC teams. "Ohio State would have finished fifth in our league and they're ranked No. 1 in the preseason poll," Tuberville said.

I was actually suprised that Tuberville made these comments. I always thought Tuberville was a classy coach, and I was pretty disappointed. I understand he is upset that the BCS has refused the playoff system, but there is no reason to attack Ohio State.

Tuberville needs to stick to coaching. Instead of attacking a team he can't play, he should be focusing on the teams that he been beating him in his own conference. Maybe then Auburn will finish better than fifth in the SEC themselves.  



06/03/2008 08:50

The most annoying thing of reading that article on Fanhouse was reading the comments from SEC fans. I can't believe they support a comment like that. Real classy!

tampa buckeye
06/03/2008 12:09

only one way to shut them up. We have to beat fla or Lsu in the title game this year. USC will be a great start to that.

Tampa Buckeye
06/03/2008 12:21

Let me just add to that comment. Living in Tampa I have to put up with alot of dumb southerns down here that still think the south will rise again. Lucky for me I'm 6'5 235 and can just tell them to shut the f*&% up or deal with what will happen to them if they don't.
Having said that im stoked about this year and think the freshmen coming in will help us right away. Stoneburner sounds unreal with his combo of size and speed.
If Pryor gets 10 to 15 touches a game the buckeyes will be explosive on offense.
The Brian's along with Flash, Posey(reminds me of chris carter), and Washington should make defenses tremble in the spread with Pryor at QB.
The future is very bright and if not this year then when? Maybe, this year and two of the next three. We have the talent we need to win it all the only questions are Boeckman and the coaching.
Yes, I said coaching. You have to admit it hasn't been the best since we won it all in 2002. I wish we could get back to the silver bullet defense of that year.

06/03/2008 17:52

Tampa Buckeye, if you really want that silver bullet defense back then you better get Mark Dantonio out of Michigan State and back in Ohio. Man I loved his agressive style of play!!

Tampa Buckeye
06/03/2008 20:31

Dantonio did blitz and play press coverage alot more than the current staff. Another thing they did well in 2002 was play the spread offense tough. Sure they would bend but they wouldn't break. I believe we played 4 or 5 spread teams that year. I think they should give old number 36 a shot. He would bring some new ideas and be the next head coach in waiting after coach tressel. Which could be 10 years if he keeps winning.


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