Drew Thurman (10:05 am)

1) After all the rumors, it offically looks like Antonio Henton is headed to Georgia Southern. I am not sure this is a huge loss, but I do feel for Henton. His story at Ohio State has been a pretty sad one, and I hope things go well for him with the Eagles. He was hailed as "the next Troy Smith" when he committed to the Bucks, but things have not transpired that way. First came the arrest and Henton's descent on the depth chart, then came Terrelle Pryor! I really do wish Henton the best in the future.

2) As many expected, Woody Hayes was named the "Face of the Program" on ESPN.com. According to the fans Script Ohio was second and Archie was in third. Everyone should check this out on ESPN, and see how things panned out for every NCAA team.

3) New Michigan away jerseys? It sure looks like it. What is even better is that Michigan fans hate them as much as Buckeye fans do. Seriously though, Michigan should have never signed the deal with Adidas. I knew they were going to ruin the Michigan jersey. Hooray for Nike jerseys! Go Bucks!



06/19/2008 08:04

Henton transferring to Georgia Southern has been confirmed

06/19/2008 08:35

I had not heard about the scum jersey change. I actually kind of like the new design. Now if they could do something about those awful helmets.

06/19/2008 10:09

i think the jerseys look like they came from west virginia. way to go dick rod!


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