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Here at the Silver Bullet we thought we would put aside our normal posts, and focus on Father's Day that is upcoming. Dads for many years have had to put up with terrible gifts such as ties, dress slacks, and shoe shine kits. It is time that this should change for Buckeye fans, so we have a list of 5 great gifts to receive on Father's Day. So print this list off if you need to and give it to your family! Please enjoy... 

#5 - Buckeye Helmet Fathead

This gift looks great for your Buckeye room. Instead of more feminine decor, you can take over the walls! You can find it at The Buckeye Corner for $79.00.

#4 - Year Subscription to Bucknuts 

Any Buckeye fan would love this gift. This allows you to get the inside recruiting information and also receive the Bucknuts Magazine. Packages are available at Bucknuts starting at $89.95 annually.

#3 - Grill Topper

The Grill Topper is great for tailgaiting, and it allows you to have the Buckeye logo on your grilled meat. As pictured it runs for $49.95 on TheGrillTopper.com!

#2 - Buckeye Recliner

What dad doesn't want to relax on gameday? This seat is the ultimate recliner for any Buckeye fan! This is available at The Buckeye Corner, and costs $699.

#1 - Tickets and Travel to USC Game

Of all the gifts, this is far the best one. Packages are available at Bucknuts, and start $1325 for air travel and game tickets.



06/12/2008 13:44

Hook me up with the USC tickets, and I will be just fine. I doubt that actually happens for Father's Day though! Haha!


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