Drew Thurman (8:40 pm)

Opinion #1: Terrelle Pryor is struggling, and changes need to happen.

My Opinion:

This one to me is fact and fiction. The fiction part of this has to do with Todd Boeckman. The locker room has been highlighted a lot on the boards and in the media, but Pryor is the answer for this team regardless of what complaints there are (AKA Hartline and Ballard). The offensive line is one of the major issues left on this team, and Boeckman behind a bad line would equal chaos.

With that said, changes need to happen for Terrelle and by the coaches. Pryor is holding onto the ball a lot, and seems to be very worried about making mistakes. Like I have said numerous times, I feel it starts with play calling. Any offensive playcaller would tell you that it is important to call plays that help a young quaterback's confidence. Ohio State has been terrible at this so far! We come out and run the ball a lot on first and second down, and then leave Pryor and the offensive line in predictable passing downs. There needs to be a lot more screens and slants called on first and second down to help Pryor get in a rhythm. A vertical passing game is not going to work with a young quarterback and a bad line. We need to see a lot more two and three step drops for Pryor!

Opinion #2: The wideouts have hurt the offense more than any other unit this year.

My Opinion:

I say fiction here. The offensive line has by far been the most under performing unit, but the wideouts are in a close second. Let's be honest, if the offensive line was doing there job the wideouts would be looking much better at this point. Against a very average Purdue defensive line, the Buckeyes gave up three sacks. If this doesn't change, our offense will continue to struggle.

I would like to see the attitudes of the wideouts improve a little bit. Robiskie and Hartline to me have looked as if they checked out on numerous occasions, and some of their dropped balls have been an indication of this. Add that to the fact that Hartline is rumored to be a cancer in the locker room, and you have a unit in an attitude funk.

Opinion #3: Tressel has lost this team.

My Opinion:

Whether you want to believe it or not, I feel there is some fact here. The statements made by Ballard and Beanie really have to make you wonder what is going on behind the scenes. People are saying we are losing the seniors, but neither of these young men are seniors. I think we have to realize that a lot of players are frustrated with the vanilla play calling, and have really started to grumble. It was one thing for the 02 team to play the way they did, but this offense is way too talented for this kind of offensive production. I don't agree with the bad attitudes or the statements to the press, but you have to feel for these guys. Some major changes need to be made, and unless Tressel makes those this could become a trend.  

Opinion #4: Penn State is the premiere team in the Big Ten.

My Opinion:

Fact. Let's face it, Daryll Clark and gang are the real deal. Anthony Morelli held this team back at quarterback, and the Nittany Lions look like they did under Michael Robinson again. There honestly is not a wide receiving unit that can compare to Butler, Williams, and Norwood in the Big Ten. Just when you figure out how to stop them you have to worry about Evan Royster on the ground. This team is scary, and they have weapons at many positions. I refuse to count the Buckeyes out on October 25th, but they have a mighty challenge ahead. Yes the game is at home, but we are in trouble unless the offense drastically improves.

This one to me is pretty easy to see at this point. If we don't beat them at our place, the Nittany Lions are running the table. I always hold out hope, but they have beaten down everyone they have played thus far!



Buckeye Jay
10/15/2008 18:39

All is fair in love and war! To Jake B and Beanie, SHUT THE HELL UP AND DO YOUR JOB! The time to bitch about the play calling is BEHIND closed doors. Nothing erodes team morale more than airing dirty laundry in public. That being said, you seniors need to reach down between your legs and feel for anything that comes close to resembling a set of BALLS! Step and take back your lockerroom. If Hartline is a cancer, remove him. If you don't like the play calling SHUT THE HELL UP AND RUN THE PLAY ANYWAY. You are my Buckeyes, since 1968. Act like it!


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