Drew Thurman (9:35 am)

I hope everyone is enjoying the Halloween and bye game weekend. Even though the news coming out is a little slow this week, there is some pretty attention grabbing stuff I have been reading. Let's take a look...

- Jason from Eleven Warriors has some interesting opinions on Tressel's latest words. Tressel got asked some very tough questions this week from the media, and his words are very telling! Good article to check out.

- ESPN the magazine broadcasts some very vocal critcisms from Ohio State fan Matt Gottfried. In this video Matt makes it clear that he wonders if Tressel can win the big one anymore. I have a feeling that there are a lot of others out there wondering the same thing!

- Buckeye Commentary has one of the better articles I have read this season on a Buckeye blog. It is called "What ails the offense," and it really trys to look at the statistics to highlight the real problems on offense. It is not long, but is a very good read...



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