Drew Thurman (8:07 pm)

Jim Tressel and the Buckeyes made the end of Lloyd Carr's coaching career pretty miserable. It would be nice to start Rich Rodriguez's Michigan career the same way. The Wolverine fans are already in dispair about the 3-8 season thus far, so let's hope the Buckeyes add some salt to those wounds. Go Bucks! Here are some highlights from last season:



11/17/2008 18:09

This is a big game no matter what anyone says. I want to stick it to Rodriguez and make him realize how big this rivalry actually is! I don't game a damn about the whole state of Michigan!

11/17/2008 18:49

I am just hoping the weather is better than last year in Ann Arbor, not holding my breath though. I see Beanie and Pryor running all over the the Wolverines like this last week against Illinois.


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