Dave and Drew Thurman (9:55 am)

We thought it would be fun to provide everyone a little humor as we approach Christmas. So forget all the prestigious college football awards, forget the ESPY's, and join us for a look at The Silver Bullet Awards 08.

Can't Stay Healthy Award:

Andre Amos (Runner up: Lawerence Wilson)

Jack Tatum (I'll Rip Your Head Off) Award:

Kurt Coleman (Runner up: Jermale Hines)

Look Ma, No Hands Award:

Anderson Russell (Even though he finally got a pick this year!)

Jay Leno Award (Funniest Guy in the Locker Room):

Alex Boone

Most Likely to Mess Up The Snap Count Award:

Ben Person (Runner up: Steve Rhering)

Terrance Cody Award (Most Likely to Pass as an SEC Defensive Tackle):

Nadar Abdallah (Runner up: no one!)

AC/DC Award (Looks Most Like a Rock Star):

Jake Ballard (This picture was before his hair grew out!)

The Louis Irizarry Award (Most Time in Tressel's Dog House):

Ray Small (Runner up: Jamario O'Neal) 

Dancing With the Stars Award:

Brandon Saine (Who has already mastered dancing in the backfield!)

Superman Award (Most Likely to Leap a Tall Building In a Single Bound):

Beanie Wells

Hope you all enjoyed the humor! Any awards we left out?



12/18/2008 08:30

The Dancing with the Stars award is my favorite. In my household we always laugh about Saine. Thanks for the laughs!

12/18/2008 08:40

@Stan - Agreed! Dancing with The Stars: Pryor & Beanie.

It might be worth adding "El Matador" award and giving it to Rehring or Browning (albeit he played out of position at RT all season).

12/18/2008 09:52

Boone just looks funny in his picture.

12/18/2008 09:55

Josh hit us up with an email, and this was his suggestion:

"Just thought you should ad Mo Wells as the 'One Hit Wonder' Seeing that he has yet to break a tackle in his career......I think his career long was a 22 yd run."

I thought this would have been a nice addition!

12/18/2008 09:58

Most Likely to Kill A B*tch: Brian Rolle

12/19/2008 08:54

haha nice list Drew! The Brandon Saine one was hilarious!


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