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Yesterday we looked at how JT has done the past eight years in recruiting offensive positions; today let's examine the defense:

Defensive End:

Highest Ranked Signing: Melvin Fellows - It will be interesting to see how he does the next few years as hopes are high

Biggest Surprise: Vern Gholston, who was a good recruit but exceeded expectations

Biggest Flop: Robert Rose, who was nearly as highly rated as Fellows is this year. Big Rob now has only one more year to make an impact

Overall Position Grade: B (Some good pass rushers have been brought in or converted from OLB) 

Defensive Tackle:

Highest Ranked Signing: Quinn Pitcock

Biggest Surprise: Nader Abdallah, who made himself into a pretty good player

Biggest Flop: Sian Cotton, who was gone from school before his star rose

Overall Position Grade: C (The rankings don't lie, as the Bucks haven't had enough big time recruits at this position.  Maybe Goebel and Simon change things the next four years) 


Highest Ranked Signing: Mike D'Andrea (consensus # 1)

Biggest Surprise: Pick between A.J. Hawk and James Laurinaitis, both 3 star recruits who produced 5 star results

Biggest Flop: D'Andrea, who battled injuries his whole career.  He would have had a hard time living up to the hype, regardless.

Overall Position Grade: A (Great talent has been consistently brought into Columbus at this position and it is has produced super results)


Highest Ranked Signing: Eugene Clifford, by a nose over Donte Whitner and Jamario O'Neal

Biggest Surprise: Anderson Russell, who nobody but OSU thought much of, and who has had a pretty good career

Biggest Flop: Jemario O'Neal, who unlike Clifford, spent four years in Columbus without having much impact

Overall Position Grade: B (Some good ones here like Whitner and Coleman, but plenty of misses, too)


Highest Ranked Signing: Ted Ginn (consensus #1), but he moved to WR, so let's go with Corey Brown from the class of '09

Biggest Surprise: Malcolm Jenkins, without a doubt.  From a no-name to a first round draft pick!

Biggest Flop: E.J. Underwood, who had all the tools but didn't like hitting the books (though Dareus Hiley also comes to mind)

Overall Position Grade: A- (So many guys surpassed their rankings. e.g. Jenkins, Washington, Chekwa, and Youboty)

Conclusion:  There you have it - my analysis of Tressel's recruiting, one position at a time.  What do you think?  Who did I miss?  Let us know as we fix our glance to the class of 2010, and hope for more highly ranked recruits!



02/25/2009 09:01

Nice stuff Dave. It is really sad though to think Quinn Pitcock was the best DT Tressel has ever brought in. Pretty weak DT recruiting!


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