Drew Thurman (9:56 pm)

I just noticed that Charles Robinson of Yahoo Sports, has his top ten football factories that crank out NFL talent. Though the article promotes Miami (FL) and USC, the Buckeyes find themselves at number three. Ohio State has in fact had more draft picks since 1999 then any other team, 17 which were first rounders. Robinson of course makes a pretty big statement based on these numbers.

"No college program produced more NFL draft picks over the past 10 years, and no team had a larger single haul than the Buckeyes’ monstrous 14-pick class in 2004. How Ohio State didn’t win more national championships over this span is anyone’s guess, particularly given the program’s absurd wealth of defensive talent. The Buckeyes were the preeminent producer of talent in the secondary over the last decade."

I think many Buckeyes fans have asked that same question many times.



03/18/2009 13:23

Nice article and quote here on the site. I remember the year after the national championship when they had 14 players drafted. Not sure if that will happen again, but it was incredible.

03/18/2009 14:13

How the crap did Purdue get 10th on that list. I think that alone makes it invalid! : )


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