Drew Thurman (10:17 pm)

Terrelle Pryor looked sharp in his debut at the Spring Game, especially in the closing minutes of the first half. Below is a video of the highlights of the end of that half. I hope the Big Ten pays attention, because the next great Buckeye quarterback may have just started to take form!



04/27/2009 06:10

Still needs a little work on his timing (the pass to Washington could have been timed better so there'd be no chance for Chekwa to catch up and Washington wouldn't have had to slow down) But the throws were amazing. No lame ducks anymore that I saw.

Definitely gotta give love to Washington and Small. Looks like we have three prospective great wideouts when you add Sanzenbacher.

Definitely excited to see how the offense will evolve this year.


04/27/2009 09:44


Don't forget Posey either at wideout. Honestly, we don't have anything to worry about with the wide receiving core.

Pryor looks great in this film too. I really liked seeing him step up in the pocket on that second throw. His eyes are looking down field, rather than dropping his head and running. He is starting to look like a quarterback.


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