In this edition of the Block O Table, Dave takes a crack at answering the latest questions as provided by Our Honor Defend, recapping the Spring Game. Check out OHD for other responses, and a full recap in the coming days. Let the tradition continue...

1) Which designated starting player (offense, defense, special teams) struck you as being “better than advertised”? Why?

Tyler Moeller who is fighting for a starting spot and will surely play a great deal was very impressive and continues to get better.  He has instincts and desire that don't show up when one is grading merely on size and speed.  He may not get as much ink as some others on defense but he is a player.  (By the way I called for Rolle to be the MVP of the game, and he did play well.  I think he and Sabino need to see the field together to bring more speed to the Silver Bullet defense. I am not a huge fan of Spitler, although he didn't look bad.)

2) Which designated starting player (offense, defense, special teams) disappointed you (either mildly or beyond belief)? Why? What do you see as remedy?

I thought Chimdi Chekwa looked average at best, as he failed to make many plays and got burned badly at least once.  At corner you are only as good as your last game, or even last play, so hopefully it was an aberration.

3) What is your impression of the play of the ‘meaner’ offensive line?

Hard to tell in a Spring Game when the line is divided and patched together.  The running backs all had good games so that is a positive sign that the line was doing a good job of being physical.  I still think the Bucks will struggle to protect the passer, however.

4) What is your impression of the reconstituted defense?  Did anyone stick out?

Overall I was very impressed by the defense, with my only real question being at corner.  As mentioned above I thought the young linebackers looked super - Moeller, Rolle and Sabino in particular.  Gibson is a beast, and I saw him after the game walking over to the WHAC.  He looks like Gholston and I think he may have that kind of a year. 

5) What did you think of offensive play-calling?  Were you disappointed?

For a Spring Game I thought there was a good mix of pass and run.  I am still waiting to see the Bucks use the tight end, but nobody is surprised by that! Overall I was pretty pleased.  Many players looked good on offense, especially Terrelle Pryor.  It looks like he is going to use the intermediate pass more than we have seen the last couple of years, and that impressed me.  I like how both the Scarlet and Gray threw a good deal to the middle of the field.  It also appears like we will see more of the spread this year.

6) From what you saw at the Spring Game, what is your guess for how the season will unwind? Should DickRod, and whoever he decides will be the QB, be concerned?

I still believe that OSU is a one loss team, although youth may catch up to them at some point.  I think they are the best team in the Big Ten, but will need to win at Happy Valley to prove it.  As for the ugly helmets, I think they are in for another long season - better than last year but still not very good.  DickRod will be 0-2 in the rivalry come November.



Question 4 looks a little off...
"What is your impression of the reconstituted defense? Did anyone stick out?"
The answer is about the offense.

04/28/2009 10:03

Thanks Steve - it has been fixed. It was a long weekend and my eyes didn't work too well last night!

04/29/2009 07:52

Correct, Chekwa was average at best. It worries me a little bit that the "lock down" corner on our team looked averaged!


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