Drew Thurman (8:43 pm)

No matter what way you try to spin it, the 2010 class has been pretty slow moving. Sure the Buckeyes have four solid commits (two are studs), but things are definitely slower moving than in the last few years. I know the Buckeyes are limited on scholarships, but even the interest level of those uncommitted doesn't seem overly reassuring. The big out-of-state recruits (5 star guys), such as Jamaal Berry and Terrelle Pryor, don't seem to be manifesting themselves at this point in this class, and it has Buckeye nation getting pretty restless.

Add to that the fact the Ohio talent is being picked up everyday. Apparently Rich Rodriquez took a few lessons from Ron Zook, because every top 50 Ohio kid has an offer from the Wolverines. Now obviously some of these guys would have never sniffed a Buckeye offer with a lack of scholarships, but it adds to the frustration to watch them committing right and left. It also is troubling to see very talented guys like Andrew Donnal and Latwan Anderson who have yet to receive that Ohio State scholarship offer. Especially considering that the Buckeyes are fighting for their lives to grab up guys like Matt James and Jordan Hicks. Ohio does not even seem to be as shored up as in years past.

The Spring Game this Saturday could be just what the doctor ordered though. The list of recruits coming in is not the most impressive list in recent memory, but it is not shabby either. What is really exciting is the fact that the Buckeyes could maybe pick up some commitments this weekend, which could provide a huge spark to the 2010 class. On top of that the Buckeyes always seem to leave a lasting impression in the minds of a few wavering prospects. If guys like quarterback Nick Montana and running back Corey Brown do indeed show up, the Buckeyes could see their stock increase significantly.

Also, as aforementioned, the Buckeyes always have a chance of picking up some commitments. Some names that are floating around are linebacker Scott McVey (pictured), defensive end Darryl Baldwin, and running back Roderick Smith (who wants to come but is not sure yet). I think Smith should be a Buckeye when the dust settles, but in his most recent interview made it clear that he might be waiting until fall to pull the trigger. With him aside, that leaves McVey and Baldwin. Will the Buckeyes pick up commitments from either one of these young men? I sure hope so, because it could be the spark that really helps move the 2010 class in the right direction.     



04/23/2009 18:05

Great read Drew. I have been pretty depressed about this class myself. I think it is too early to be pessimistic though!

04/25/2009 22:58

McVey a Buckeye!!!!


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