Family Feud is a new feature where Dave and Drew will be throwing there opinions in on various Buckeye football subjects, which most of the time are quite opposite. This edition takes a look at the upcoming Spring Game, and the issues surrounding it.

1) Based on the reports coming out from spring practice, what excites you the most about the 2009 Buckeyes?

I am excited by how physical the practices have been and how much competition there is for the "open" positions.  It sounds like the coaches have amped up there intensity and that is filtering down to the players.

Drew: The best news to me is probably the progression at running back. Losing a player like Beanie Wells isn't something that is easy to swallow, but it sounds as if Boom Herron and Brandon Saine have stepped up nicely. I am extremely happy to hear that Saine has taken some steps forward, especially after much of the media and fans left him for dead. Add three talented youngsters to the mix, and the competition and talent at running back look great for fall.

2) What position has you the most worried thus far?

Left tackle.  Hate to see Pryor get blasted from the blind side and it sounds like Adams isn't mean enough yet and Miller, while more aggressive, lacks the natural talent.  I could also mention the o-line coaching but I've covered that before! lol

Drew: This might actually sound surprising, but linebacker has me the most worried. It Sabino and Rolle get the reps they should, then all will be fine, but there will be trouble if Homan and Spitler both find themselves starting. Speed needs to be on the field to start the year because of the USC game in week two. I really don't want linebacker this year to be like the Boeckman-Pryor incident last year. The staff needs to put the talent on the field from the beginning. 

3) What do you expect from Pryor in the Spring Game?

Solid play!  If they let him play "live" for a half he will make some plays.  However the defense is tough and may make life miserable for him and the offensive line.

Drew: I think he will probably have an average performance. Just as you said, playing "live" makes the difference on how good or bad he looks. The black jersey will be coming off for two quarters, which should help Pryor, but I think he will just look average in that one quarter with the black jersey on. We have to remember though, he will be playing behind a mix and match line.

4) Which player(s) need to have a good showing in the Spring Game in your opinion?

Dave: Brandon Saine, to continue building back his confidence and Andre Amos, who seems penciled in at CB, as he shakes off the rust.  There are others, but those two come to mind first.

Drew: I think Mike Adams needs a good showing in the game. Everyone has documented that he is very talented, but isn't playing as tough and mean as the staff would like. On the other hand, Andy Miller finds himself battling for the job solely on his grit. Obviously Shugarts return will shake everything up, but Adams still needs to show a mean streak.

5) Do you expect more offense from the Buckeyes in this years Spring Game?

Dave: Not really.  Tressel usually keeps it pretty vanilla, and the defense is loaded especially on the line.

I agree, I doubt that this game is an offensive show. There will probably be some nice long balls to excite the crowd, as there always are, but I doubt we see a consistent offensive flow.

6) Predict: Who will be the MVP of the Spring Game?

Dave: Surely Solomon Thomas will be somewhat held in check this week, so I'll go with Brian Rolle.

Drew: I think Ray Small completes his turnaround with an all-star performance in the Spring Game. He had a solid performance last season in the game, and I think he duplicates that this year. With his speed and hands, I see a inexperienced cornerback unit struggling with him.



04/22/2009 20:27

MVP = Boom Herron. I am calling it now!

04/23/2009 18:06

Herron is obviously a smart pic, especially with the forecasted windy weather. I will still stick with Ray Small though!


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