Dave Thurman (11:15 pm)

We all have our favorite players, and I have seen many different all-time OSU teams selected.  But what about an all-time best squad for each of the past four coaching regimes?  In this "down time" for football news, I will give you my personal picks for the following eras: Woody (W); Earle (E), Coop (C) and Tress (T).  As a bonus I will place an asterisk by the player I would choose as the best of the best - taking into consideration their college career only.  Feel free to share your thoughts below.  Here goes:


W: Jim Kern; E: Art Schlichter*; C: Joe Germaine; T: Troy Smith


W: Archie Griffin; E: Keith Byers; C: Eddie George*; T: Beanie Wells


W: Pete Johnson*; E: Vaughn Broadnax; C: Jamar Martin; T: Brandon Joe

Wide Receiver:

W: Paul Warfield; E: Cris Carter; C: David Boston*; T: Michael Jenkins

Tight End:

W: Fred Pagac; E: John Frank*; C: Ricky Dudley; T: Ben Hartsock


W: Jim Parker*; E: Jim Lachey; C: LeCharles Bentley; T: Nick Mangold

Offensive Tackle:

W: John Hicks*; E: Joe Staysniak; C: Orlando Pace; T: Shane Olivia

Kick/Punt Returner:

W: Neal Colzie; E: Garcia Lane; C: Joey Galloway; T: Ted Ginn Jr.*


W: Valde Janakeivski; E: Matt Frantz; C: Dan Stultz; T: Mike Nugent*

Defensive Tackle:

W: Jim Stillwagon*; E: Jerome Foster; C: Dan Wilkinson; T: Tim Anderson

Defensive End:

W: Jim Houston; E: Eric Kumerow; C: Mike Vrabel*; T: Will Smith

Middle Linebacker:

W: Randy Gradishar; E: Chris Spielman*; C: Andy Katzenmoyer; T: A.J. Hawk

Outside Linebacker:

W: Stan White*; E: Pepper Johnson; C: Nail Diggs; T: Bobby Carpenter


W: Mike Sensibaugh; E: Sonny Gordon; C: Roger Harper; T: Mike Doss*


W: Jack Tatum*; E: William White; C: Antoine Winfield; T: Malcolm Jenkins


W: Tom Skladany; E: Tom Tupa*; C: Brent Bartholomew; T: Andy Groom



05/22/2009 06:45

Tressel wide receivers is tough. Ginn or Holmes could be on the list too.

05/22/2009 06:48

Some of the Tressel guys could be Cooper guys. Shane Olivia and Tim Anderson were part of the Cooper era in addition to their final years with Tressel from what I recall.

05/22/2009 08:53

Schlichter vs Smith... gotta go with Troy--much more versatile

Archie vs Eddie... that's tough-- Gotta go with Archie though (close) Make Eddie the fullback and then both play.

05/31/2009 01:00

A.J. Hawk was an outside linebacker from my recollection. I think that 2005 team was one of the most loaded teams to ever lose a game. It seems like we can't put a loaded offense with a loaded defense these days. Oh, and Orlando Pace could be the best lineman ever...


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