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Today's news and views is brought to us by Maurice Clarett. This time Clarett finds himself back in the news because he wants to play football again. It's not bad enough that Michael Vick wants to return to the league, but now fellow convict Clarett wants to do the same. Even more scary was Clarett's quote on his blog about returning!

"I can’t hold these feelings in anymore," Clarett said. "I want to play football again. I have a deep desire to play. I love the game. I have so much penitentiary aggression pinned up inside of me. I want to hit someone. I want to run the ball. I want to tackle someone. I want to play. I am going to play somewhere."

Sounds like a scene from The Longest Yard. Anyways, to some news and views:

1) Buckeye safety Kurt Coleman found himself ranked as the 13th best player in the Big Ten on Adam Rittenberg's blog. The list has been counting down from 30, and hasn't seen a lot of Buckeyes on it. Before Coleman, Thaddeus Gibson was the only Buckeye on the list, coming in at 26th.

2) There is a must read blog post by Duane Long on the recruiting situation. In Long's estimation, the staff wasted their time early on chasing players that never had interest in the Buckeyes. He says that the staff has recently gotten things back on track, and are offering kids that have a real shot at becoming Buckeyes. I have been complaining about the recruiting situation for quite sometime now, and I echo Long's sentiments.

3) Some of the most interesting news that came out today came from prom pictures of William Gholston. He finally got an offer from the Buckeyes a few weeks back, which many have been begging for, but it appears from the picture below that he may be headed to the Spartans. I guess we chalk one up to Dantonio, and smile that he at least isn't headed to Michigan.



Jason D
05/28/2009 08:40

It's funny that you placed the Gholston story after the Duane Long blog post. Gholston is one of the guys we waited around to long to offer. Just plain stupid!

05/28/2009 15:56

Clarett's quote will probably scare most the teams in the league off. Even before he can run the 40 again!


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