Drew Thurman (11:34 am)

1) Glenville's latest product, Christian Bryant, finally got the offer he was waiting for. In fact, he described it as a "big relief." There have been a lot of fans, including me, who have been begging for this offer, and it is nice to see that it finally came. This young man has Buckeye written all over him.

2) Ken Bradley of the Sporting News takes time to ask Pryor five big questions. Pryor is well spoken as always, and discusses his recruitment, his "go-to guys," and the adjustments from high school to college.

3) Adam Rittenberg of ESPN has started ranking the Big Ten's best players, starting at 30 and counting down. Today, Thaddeus Gibson found himself at number 26 on the list. I think this is a pretty fair ranking for Gibson, but if improves as much as I think he will, he will be a lot better that the 26th best player in the Big Ten.

4) It is a few days old, but Scout wrote up a story on Michigan quarterback commit Devin Gardner. He gets awarded the MVP of the Cincinnati Combine in the article, and receives rave reviews from Dave Berk and the Scout recruiting team. I am still a little bitter that the Buckeyes never showed much interest, and that such a talented quarterback is headed to a rival school. With that said, if the Tressel can pull one out of his hat with Montana, Gardner will fade in everyone's memory quickly.



05/12/2009 09:14

I like Thaddeus a lot. He is the player that Wilson could have been if not for the injuries.

05/12/2009 13:08

Bryant finally got the offer! The kid is a stud!


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