Drew Thurman (1:01 pm)

The latest trash talk of the Sweater Vest comes from the Heisman Pundit. Tressel finds himself as the second most overrated coach on their "Top Ten Most Overrated Coaches" list. In their words:

"Is any coach more stubborn about his system and way of doing things?  Sure, he is successful to a point, but he gets a ton of talent every year and lately has found a way to get pummeled in the big games.  It’s almost as if he is satisfied to lose, as long as it is his way."

Just check out the other coaches on this list, it is a joke!



06/04/2009 10:39

WHAT??? Paterno is on the list...Les Miles is ranked behind Tres...pretty ridiculous!

Palm Beach Buckeye
06/05/2009 09:01

... I hate it also, but winning will shut these dimwits right up--- gotta beat USC and Navy BAD!


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