Where is Ray Small on the depth chart? // Photo via Ron Pradetto
Drew Thurman (10:57 pm)

It has been a crazy Monday for me, but even more crazy for the Buckeyes. On a day that I thought would be an average Monday, there were some very notable things that happened...

Depth Chart Released:  Today we finally got our first look at what the Buckeyes will look like this Saturday when they play Navy. I first noticed the offensive line situation, most notably that Andrew Miller was named the starter over J.B. Shugarts. I have been vocal about saying that I don't think he is the answer there, but we will see if I will eat my words. What surprised me more though was the fact that three freshmen find themselves in the two deep (C Jack Mewort, RT Marcus Hall, LG Corey Linsley). I am both excited and worried seeing this. I am excited because we obviously have some future studs, but it sure makes you wonder yet again why the Buckeyes aren't helping offensive linemen progress.

I found it interesting that Ray Small is listed as the starter at punt returner, but third string at wideout. There are finally some serious athletes there, so who knows if he will ever dig himself out of this hole! Finally, it is important to note that Zach Boren finds himself a top the depth chart at fullback and Tony Jackson is backing up Brian Rolle. Boren is a pleasant surprise, while Tony Jackson is a head scratcher for sure!  
2011 Commitment???: The day before written offers could even be extended to the players of 2011, the Buckeyes received their first verbal. I think this may have beat Jordan Whiting's record for early commitments. His name is Kenny Hayes, and hails from Toledo, Ohio (Whitmer). He lists at 6-5 230 pounds, and should be one of the best players in the Buckeye State in 2011. Now if the staff could use that same woo and win over some of the remaining big names in the state in 2010, all will be well.
Drama in Ann Arbor: I unfortunately got the pleasure of watching the Rich Rodriguez press conference this morning. I was pretty shocked, it was bad for even him. We already had to watch him cry publicly when West Virginia fans were too hard on him and his family, but what caused this one? Are fans of the greatest sport in the world going to have to put up with a pity party every time Rodriguez deals with a hard time? 

It had to have been a tough day to be Wolverine fan. It's one thing to have a losing season and to face allegations, it's another thing to watch your coach wither like a sixth grade school girl. I am going to enjoy this soap opera for a little while longer, but realistically the Big Ten needs them to get their act together!    


08/31/2009 23:15

that press conference was total acting. rodriguez needs to see if there is room for him on the cast of high school musical, and leave the coaching to someone else.

08/31/2009 23:25

Nicely said Drew. The Rodriguez thing is slightly comical and deserves a few puns, but the Big Ten needs them. We face bigger opponents (media, other conferences, and their fans), and their return to a top team in the conference will help boost the conference back into the media spotlight.

09/01/2009 06:34

Get the juniors as early as possible so there's no competition from the other Big Ten teams and Notre Dame. I like it.


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