Lots of odd things happening today...

1) The big news today was that the Big Ten suspended Kurt Coleman for his helmet-to-helmet hit against Illinois. What is really unfortunate is that the hit took place in last minute of the game, and you have to wonder why he was in the game to begin with. Regardless, the suspension does seem a little harsh, and hopefully this doesn't diminish the perception of tOSU captain. Even Tressel and Gene Smith seemed disappointment with the decision:

"Obviously, we will abide by the one-game suspension from the Big Ten Conference, but we feel as if there was poor judgment throughout. We concur that Kurt's hit was late and a result of poor judgment; he was thus penalized and removed from the game by his coaches. We do not agree that it was 'pre-meditated' or that he was 'targeting a defenseless' player."

2) Rumors about Lamaar Thomas may be building some momentum. His Facebook status left many fans to believe that his departure could be soon (which he quickly took off). Obviously there is no solid proof yet, but the whispers of this are getting louder. I really hope that this blows over and ends up being false, because no young man needs to be transferring in the middle of the season. On top of that, I still think his best football is ahead of him over the next few years. Let's hope he doesn't throw in the cards.


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