Seth Smith is averaging 87.9 yards a game // Photo via nmstatesports.com
Dave and Drew Thurman (11:12 am)

Mascot: Aggies
Stadium: Aggie Memorial Stadium (30, 343)
2008 Record: 3-9
2009 Record: 3-5
Head Coach: DeWayne Walker (first year at NMSU, 3-5)
Letterman Returning: 44 (21 Lost)
Returning Starters: Offense - 5, Defense - 5, Specialist - 1
Base Defense: 4-3
Base Offense: Multiple Formations
Returning Stars: WR Marcus Anderson, LB Jason Scott

Notable Alumni:

Well, there aren't really any recognizable names on this list, so instead we are printing the words to their fight song which is unique to say the least:

Aggies, Oh Aggies
the hills send back the cry
we're to do or die!
Aggies, Oh Aggies
we'll win this game or know the reason why!
And when we win this game
we'll buy a keg of booze
and we'll drink it to the Aggies 'til we wobble in our shoes
Aggies, Aggies, Go Aggies!
Aggies, Oh Aggies
the hills send back the cry
we're here to do or die!
Aggies, Oh Aggies
we'll win this game or know the reason why!

New Mexico State Overview:

Coming into the season the Aggies were expected to be bottom feeders in the WAC, and they have not disappointed. They have not beaten a quality opponent yet, and are coming off two crushing defeats to Louisiana Tech (45-7) and Fresno State (34-3). As you can expect based on those games, offense has been a struggle. The Aggies are averaging 13.2 points a game compared to their opponents' 28, and are only averaging 254.2 yards per game. 
Part of the problem for Walker and company is that they are splitting time at quarterback, and neither guy is good. They lost Chase Holbrook to graduation (3361 yards, 25 TD, 14 INT), and they have not been able to really find someone to replace him this season. Saturday fans will see both of junior Jeff Fleming (492 yards, 2 TD, 6 INT) and redshirt freshman Trever Walls (339 yards, 2 TD, 5 INT). The only difference between the two is that Fleming has shown ability with his feet (140 yards, 2 TD).

There are three main guys that will be catching passes for New Mexico State. They are Todd Lee (208 yards, 1 TD), Marcus Anderson (178 yards, 1 TD), and Marcus Allen (195 yards, 0 TD). Anderson was the top returning receiver and had nine touchdowns a year ago; no doubt he has felt the absence of Holbrook this season.

Under head coach DeWayne Walker, the Aggies are running the ball with much higher success this season. Their top rusher a year ago had 384 yards, and starter Seth Smith already has 703 yards with one touchdown this season. He is averaging 87.9 yards a game, and has gone over the 100 yard mark three times. The Aggies will spread the carries around though, so expect to also see Marquell Colston (249 yards, 2 TD) and Tonny Glenn (121 yards, 1 TD).

The Aggie defense has had its fair share of troubles too. Their main issue has been stopping the running game, where their opponents average 186.6 yards a game and have scored 14 touchdowns. They are led by linebackers Ross Conner (70 tackles, 2 TFL, 1 INT) and Jason Scott (67 tackles, 1.5 TFL), but as I often say someone has to get the tackles. For them it is due to an awful front four, where they lost all starters from a season ago. The guys to watch are Pierre Fils and Donte Savage, who is undersized (6-1 229 pounds), but has seven tackles for loss and four sacks. The only other name on defense that fans should expect to hear from is free safety Stephon Hatchett, who is third on the team with 49 tackles.

Game Outlook: 

The one week break from the conference schedule could be just what the doctor ordered for the Buckeyes. They remain banged up, and this week will be able to rest a whole host of high profile players such as Justin Boren. With that said, everyone still wants to see the offense move forward regardless of what personnel is missing. Like every game this season, the microscope will be on Terrelle Pryor, especially since the Buckeyes have three big games following New Mexico State. Speaking of those Aggies, their defense will most likely struggle defending Pryor's dual threat ability. Not only is he bigger than 90 percent of their defense, but he should have no problem finding Posey and the wideouts against a very small secondary. The running game will look good Saturday as well, regardless of the runner. Saine is getting the start, but its hard to believe he will carry the ball for too long. So expect a lot of Hall and Martin again, and expect them to gash the Aggie defense for lots of 8-12 yard runs.

On the other side of the ball, expect a lot of three-and-outs. Well, that is if the Aggies don't hurt themselves before that. They are a heavily penalized team, and also turn the ball over a lot. So it should be a rough afternoon for their offense, especially if the Buckeye defensive line plays to its potential. They will have no answer for Gibson and Heyward, which will force Fleming and Walls into making the same poor decision they have all season. The only real hope for this unit seems to be late in the second half when they face some of the Buckeye youngsters on defense.

Overall, it should be a very easy win for the Buckeyes. Tressel appears to be fine with running up the score, which could further cure the offense of its woes. Penn State crushed Eastern Illinois 52-3 a few weeks back, which seemed to give them their mojo back on offense, and this game could do the same thing for Pryor and rest of the offense. The biggest question may be, can the defense pitch another shutout?

Father vs. Son Prediction Battle:

Dave: OSU 38-3
Drew: OSU 42-6 


10/30/2009 13:01

OSU 35-0

10/30/2009 14:33

What do you mean Tressel appears to be fine with running up the score? I've never seen him do it intentionally...

10/30/2009 15:27


Tressel came out in his press conference and said that the Buckeyes were going to play tough this week to be ready for the next three weeks.


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