It wasn't the prettiest performance, but the Buckeyes got it done 21-10 against Michigan. The offense put drives together when the team needed it most, and everytime their backs were against the wall the defense forced a turnover (5 in all). Make it SIX IN A ROW BABY! Bring on the Rose Bowl!


11/21/2009 16:44

michigan will never amount to anything as long as rich is the coach.He knows nothing about history.This is not the big east this is the BIG TEN

11/21/2009 16:52

i don't think the problem was rich and michigan not getting up for this game. they got it, and they played tough. the problem for him is how bad they have been leading up to the osu game. they have sucked in the big ten, and that has hurt the importance of the game. if he can ever get a defense (through coaching), this game will mean a ton more!

11/21/2009 22:22

Remember Michigan only has 71 of 85 scholarships filled. They have a serious depth issue as well as a talent void. These games will get closer as they fill those spots. The worst thing for Michigan is that they will likely fire him next year and have to start ALL OVER again. I enjoy watching it though. Just wish it was Penn State going through these troubles instead of Michigan...gawd I hate Penn State.


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