On FanNation.com's Truth & Rumors section, we get another opinion on where Seantrel Henderson is going to end up. Is this insider information, or are they guessing just like everyone else? You be the judge...

"New Notre Dame football coach Brian Kelly brought along a No. 77 jersey for his Minneapolis home recruiting visit to Cretin-Derham Hall offensive lineman Seantrel Henderson the other day. But it still appears Henderson, who wore No. 77 for the Raiders, will end up at Ohio State with coach Jim Tressel, who also visited last week. Tressel's brother, Buckeyes assistant coach Dick Tressel, will visit Henderson again this week, as will new USC coach Lane Kiffin and coaches from Miami and Florida."

Source: http://www.fannation.com/truth_and_rumors/view/149031-irish-buckeyes-visit-top-recruit


01/25/2010 16:19

I highly doubt they have a better idea of where he is going than anyone else. I honestly believe some of these kids decide the night before...so who knows. I just want the news to get here good or bad...the waiting game is getting old.

01/25/2010 16:26

Seantrel is coming to Notre Dame to wear #77, and help build the future. It will be too hard for him to pass up the school with the most tradition around.

01/26/2010 06:26

GoldenND...keep dreaming. If Ohio State loses out on Henderson it will be to a warm weather school. Sorry, but Kelly is going to have to prove something before pulling in guys like him!

01/30/2010 13:20

Miami and USC are out. Kiffin killed USC's chances. If Florida isn't to hot and far for him, he's a gator. He would never pick Miami over UF. Its a 60/40 for OSU. But the 40 is Gator...Notre Dame doesn't have a chance, neither does USC or Miami.

08/11/2011 20:28

Few of the many wise apothegms which have been uttered have prevented a single foolish action.


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