Dave Thurman (8:19 pm)

The annual draft for the Scarlet and Gray Game is in the books, and as always there were a few choices that caused me to sit up and take notice and some others that caused me to scratch my head.  Here is my quick analysis by position and then a predicition for Saturday's contest.

Quarterback: Guiton going ahead of Bauserman was a mild surprise, though probably good news for the future.  The fact that Terrelle Pryor was the very first player taken was expected by most everyone.  In fact the only other logical choice would have been for Scarlet to open at wide receiver and take DeVier Posey.

Tailback: I can't believe that Jermil Martin went before Jamaal Berry who had a pretty good spring.  Maybe Scarlet wanted a big, short yardage back since Gray already had Carlos Hyde.

Fullback: This one was a no-brainer with Boren going first.

Wide Receiver: Went as expected.

Tight End: Walk-on Spencer Smith was taken before Nic DiLillo which got my attention.

Center: No big surprises.

Tackle: I think it is a good sign that Mike Adams went first, as I would have expected Shugarts to go ahead of him.
Defensive End: Nothing shocking here.

Defensive Tackle: Would have been earth shattering if Simon didn't go first but everything went according to form.

Linebacker: No surprises

Safety: Nate Oliver ahead of Orhian Johnson is interesting.

Cornerback: Considering the strong spring by Donnie Evege, it surprised me that Dominic Clarke went before him.

Specialists: Nothing unusual here.

Analysis: You never want to read too much into this draft considering it is done by a bunch of young men who have friends among those being selected, and also may know which players won't see much time for various reasons.  If Scarlet is allowed to play Pryor and Bauserman the whole way they will be almost impossible to defeat, since they have a pretty good offfensive line and excellent seniors including Dane Sanzenbacher, Cam Heyward, and Ross Homan.  My guess is that Tressel moves the quartebacks around a little, but we shall see.  Anyway, I am choosing Scarlet 17-7.  The weather doesn't sound too great, with rain projected and temperatures in the mid 60's, but I'm anxious to see the 2010 edition of the Buckeyes nevertheless.

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