Drew Thurman (7:27 am)

If the 2011 class doesn't have you a little bit excited, you need to check your pulse. Tressel and company had already been putting together one of the best classes in the country, and things got better yesterday when defensive tackle Michael Bennett (Centerville, OH) committed. Bennett, is one of the best handful of players in the state, and is a top ten defensive tackle in the country. Just a week ago fans and experts were worried that Northwestern was becoming a major player for his services, thanks to their academics, but in the end the Buckeyes nabbed another lineman. In fact, he joins seven other offensive and defensive lineman in this class.

Anyway you shake it, the staff is dominating the Midwest recruiting scene, starting with Ohio. It feels like anyone they want in-state, they end up getting. I'm a little shocked Kelly and the Irish haven't been able to make more of impact in Ohio this year. Don't get me wrong, he is putting together a solid class, but his Ohio connections have produced very little thus far. We will have to see if things will change when some of the big name recruits commit down the road. 

As for the Buckeyes, keep close tabs on the recruiting situation the rest of the way in 2011. Why? Well, because this could very well be one of Tressel's best classes ever when the dust settles. With eleven commitments already in the bag and a ton of big names putting the Buckeyes at the top of their lists, things seem to be coming together nicely. Ohio boys Braxton Miller, Trey DePriest and Doran Grant are all still on the board would put this class over the top. Combine them with out-of-state guys like Kevin McReynolds, Evan Spencer, Jabari Gorman and Wayne Lyons, and you have to wonder what this class could become.

Class of 2011:

1) DE Ken Hayes
2) DE Steve Miller
3) OL Chris Carter
4) OL Antonio Underwood
5) CB DerJuan Gambrell
6) OL Brian Bobek
7) DT Chase Farris
8) OL Tommy Brown
9) S Jeremy Cash
10) TE Jeff Heuerman
11) DT Michael Bennett


05/17/2010 16:54

Best commitment in this class so far....

05/18/2010 07:02

I have seen Bennett play, and he may very well be the best player in Ohio. He is dominating!


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