Look for Evan Spencer in Scarlet and Gray next year
Dave Thurman (9:36 am)

With a fabulous start to the class of 2011, Buckeye fans are hoping for a top five finish come signing day next February.  So who exactly will complete this class?  Let's look position by position at who is already "in the house," and who TSB thinks will eventually join them in what promises to be a special class.

Verbals - 0
Possibilities - Braxton Miller, Cardale Jones, and Jarrard Randall
Who they get - Braxton Miller, maybe the next great one in Scarlet and Gray

Running Back:
Verbals - 0
Possibilities - James Wilder and Erick Howard
Who they get - Erick Howard (after a year to get his grades in order at Fork Union)

Wide Receiver:
Verbals - 0
Possibilities - Phillip Dorsett, Shane Wynn, Evan Spencer, and Ju'Juan Story
Who they get - Shane Wynn and Evan Spencer
Tight End:
Verbals - 1 (Jeff Heuerman)
Other Possibilities - Nick Vannett
Who they get - Heuerman and Vannett

Offensive Line:
Verbals - 4 (Brian Bobek, Tommy Brown, Chris Carter, and Antonio Underwood)
Other Possibilities - Angelo Mangiro and Aundrey Walker
Who they get - Bobek, Brown, Carter, Underwood and Walker...that's right five OL's, a new Tressel era record!

Defensive Line:
Verbals - 4 (Chase Farris, Kenny Hayes, Steve Miller and Michael Bennett)
Other Possibilities - Joel Hale and Kevin McReynolds
Who they get - Farris, Hayes, Miller, Bennett and Hale...a great year in the trenches

Verbals - 0
Other Possibilities - Conner Crowell, Trey DePriest, Andre Sturdivant, and James Vaughters
Who they get - Andre Sturdivant...Just don't have a good feeling about DePriest

Defensive Backs:
Verbals - 2 (Jeremy Cash and Derjuan Gambrell)
Other Possibilities - Jabari Gorman, Doran Grant, Dondi Kirby, Wayne Lyons, Eliar Hardy, Ron Tanner, and Damian Swann
Who they get - Cash, Gambrell, Grant, and Tanner

That's twenty-one commits if you are counting.  I know, I know, Tress always signs a surprise.  But this is a way too early look at who just might suit up for the Bucks in the fall of 2011.


05/18/2010 07:25

First no Jordan Hicks, and now you think no DePriest. *Grumble* Yeah, little animal was a 3 star, but I'd hate to see a trend start of top rated LBs not signing here.

05/18/2010 07:41

Ya Nick, the DePriest to Bama crap keeps heating up. The Buckeyes are deep at LB now, but losing Hicks an DePriest will hurt down the road.

05/19/2010 06:51

After Bucknuts front page article on Vaughters it looks like he might be added to this list.

05/19/2010 07:23

Stan, that would be a huge bonus. Hope it happens.

05/19/2010 20:02

losing Hicks an DePriest will NOT hurt down the road


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