Drew Thurman (2:33 pm)

There has been a lot of recruiting action today involving the Buckeyes, some good and some bad. Let's start with the bad.

Linebacker prospect James Vaughters announced today that he is headed for Stanford. After the ceremony he said that Ohio State and Georgia Tech tied for second for his services. The Buckeye staff is hungry for a star linebacker in this class, and Vaughters' announcement makes that task a little harder. Now all eyes will turn towards Trey DePriest, who currently appears to be all about Alabama.

On the positive side, wide receiver Devin Smith committed today. The Massilon Washington product is 6-2 175 pounds and had offers from Penn State, Michigan State, Notre Dame, Michigan, Wisconsin, Nebraska, West Virginia, and many more. Smith was at the Senior Advanced Camp this weekend at OSU, and his performance brought an offer on Monday from the staff. He didn't waste anytime, and now the Buckeyes have two wideouts committed in 2010. It will be interesting to see what happens with the other wide receiver prospects the staff is after.

All in all, the Buckeyes now have 15 commitments in the 2010 class. Outside of some small struggles at linebacker, this class is moving right along.


06/17/2010 17:23

Vaughters chose Stanford for the academics...with his GPA I understand why.

06/18/2010 09:11

The Bucks have to grab DePriest now...

06/20/2010 20:40

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