Drew Thurman (10:28 am)

When your team sucks and only 1% of your own state (may be an exaggerated number) even cares what you do on the gridiron, you might as well have some fun. I'm sure some of the folks down in Athens are a little ashamed of the Brutus-Bobcat debacle, but apparently not everyone. I have to admit I got a good laugh when I found this shirt over on BobcatAttack.com, and I would be all over ordering some if I was a Bobcat fan. Some Buckeyes fans have taken this whole thing super personal, but who cares. It's Ohio U, they barely know who they root for...



09/23/2010 08:04

I don't see what the big deal is with this whole thing. Brutus didn't even fight back...

09/23/2010 08:32

I agree...very funny...

09/23/2010 09:03

That looks like a Homage shirt. Pretty legit!

09/23/2010 09:40

As a guy who knows a lot of people who went to OU, I assure you there are zero people who are ashamed of what happened.

I know they "attacked" OSU, but I don't see how anyone, including Buckeye fans, can have any opinion other than "hilarious."

09/23/2010 11:30

Pretty funny. Loved the link...I have always loved that picture!

09/23/2010 17:29

@ Stan - I thought the same thing.

09/23/2010 17:33

@ Kevin - Ya sports fans get a little ridiculous when it comes to their team. A mascot cheap shots another one, and fans instantly take it personal. Mascots are a side show and they put a good one on last Saturday. Of course, a 43-7 win does allow you to put it in perspective.


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