Dave Thurman (8:04 pm)

Hey didn't you used to be Kirk Ferentz the Big Ten media darling and three time conference coach of the year?  Well, not today my friend.  In a brilliant game your Iowa Hawkeyes had the ball last and a chance to win the game with a field goal.  But with 12 seconds left, after a first down you chose to use your last timeout instead of spiking the ball.  Then, after a pass that got your team in possible field goal range you watched the time tick off the clock because of boneheaded clock management. 

No Kirk, I'm not bitter that you got the hardware in 2002 even though Tress took a team that was 7-5 the year before to a 14-0 season and the National Championship.  Or the fact that you stole the award again last year when JT got the Buckeyes to rebound from Purduegate to claim their fifth straight Big Ten title. I'm not upset at all - just wondering how you do it.

In truth, Ferentz is an excellent coach but he sure blew it big time today. I can only hope he makes similar decisions in a few weeks when Ohio State heads to Iowa City.  Until then I'll take a little satisfaction in the fact that the golden boy of the conference showed he is human this afternoon. 



10/25/2010 09:41

If you remember, he made equally stupid decisions against us last year in the B10 title game. Tied @ 24 with a couple of minutes left, instead of trying to get into field goal range and finish us off with the PLENTY of time he had left, he chose to run up the gut 3 times and run the clock out to go to OT where we then shut them down and won on a field goal.

10/25/2010 20:01

The clock mis-management was pretty sketchy, but the killer was the fake punt that was run in a, well, fake punt situation.


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