Dave Thurman (5;29 pm)

Let the conversation move back to football and defeating the Golden Gophers.  This afternoon Jim Tressel made it clear that barring more injuries at linebacker Etienne Sabino will retain his redshirt status and have two years of eligibility remaining.  I think this is good news for a number of reasons: 1) It means Sabino's junior year wasn't wasted; 2) It keeps him happy which means a more positive and cohesive locker room; 3) It helps the Buckeyes in the future, since they are looking thin at linebacker for 2012 at this point; and, 4) It restores my faith in the coaching staff, who are the ones that asked Sabino to redshirt in the first place.  Had they forced him to play I would have been pretty disappointed.  

Injury Update: Coach Tressel also reiterated, this afternoon, that Ross Homan will not make the trip to Minnesota as he continues to recover, and that Dorian Bell is still being held out of action.  That leaves the following linebackers: Andrew Sweat, Brian Rolle, Jonathan Newsome, Storm Klein, Jordan Whiting and Tony Jackson.  On a positive note, tackle J.B. Shugarts is expected to travel and play on Saturday.   


Father Buckeye
10/29/2010 06:37

Great news for ES. If we cannot field a LB corp out of that list we are just plain sorry. I say give Jordan W a shot. Dude is stacked and could kill a gopher given a chance!


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