Drew Thurman (3:38 pm)

It was a competitive game for the first quarter, but the Buckeyes ran away with things after forcing some turnovers and looking sharp on special teams. It was 10-7 at the 8:02 mark in the second quarter, when Jordan Hall returned a kickoff 85 yards for a touchdown. The Buckeyes would go on to score 27 unanswered points, grabbing the seventh straight victory over the Wolverines 37-7. The win also means the Buckeyes are Co-Big Ten Championships, an honor they have won or shared for six straight years!

The only negative to the game was the lousy referees. The Buckeyes were called on multiple unsportsmanlike conduct penalties for flashing the "O" on their gloves, while a holding penalty kept Boom from breaking history. All in all, there is no reason to complain though. Great day to be a Buckeye fan...actually it has been a great decade!



11/28/2010 05:19

Those "celebration" penalties and the penalty on Sanzanbacher (you remember, the one where his helmet was being pulled off by the facemask) were three of the most boneheaded calls I have ever seen. Once again, Big Ten officiating...


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