Last night the rumors about tattoos for autographs (which took over Twitter) didn't seem to have much validity, so we didn't waste our time talking about it. Well, the story hasn't gone away and even more reporters are jumping on the bandwagon. Here is what Ken Gordon tweeted just a short while ago:

"Ohio State is investigating possible violations involving players getting tattoos in exchange for autographs. Some discipline likely."

And then this:

"Unclear right now who may be involved, or when and what that discipline might be. May involve missing Sugar Bowl, but may be later. Unknown."

Not good news for the Buckeyes. Dave Biddle remains a bit more positive about the suspensions, but he is just speculating at this point. Everyone seems to be reporting that an announcement could be made tomorrow, which is good because I'm not sure Buckeye fans will be able to wait much longer. In the mean time, you can read what SportsbyBrooks is reporting. He claims to have a source that knows the establishment and the list of players who have received tattoos there. Stay tuned.

Update - There are a lot of angry fans out there thanks to Herbie breaking this story nationally while commentating the MAACO Bowl. Before it even hit the front page of ESPN, he decided to speculate and pass on the rumors. He even decided to name names, which every other credible journalist has refused to do. You can watch the whole thing here (H/T 11W). 

Update #2 - AD Gene Smith is holding a press conference at noon to talk about "NCAA rule violations."


12/22/2010 16:26

Wow Brooks names some seriously big time players. This sucks...may just ruin Christmas for Buckeye fans!

12/22/2010 16:32

Yes Brent...this could be huge. I'm praying that Biddle is right.

I read somewhere that there are four players in question, Brooks names a lot more, so it will be interesting to see what names surface.

12/22/2010 16:39


12/22/2010 17:00

If players get suspended for this I will give up on the NCAA forever.

12/22/2010 17:46

Can't they just claim their dad's set it up, and they didn't know it was free. Worked for Cam

12/22/2010 18:17

Darryl - Good stuff. The NCAA will never live that ruling down as long as it stands...and every ruling will be compared to that from here on out.

While I understand the whole amatuer status thing...I'm not sure tattoos for autographs constitutes a suspension.

12/22/2010 19:17

I'm not going to freak out until I hear something official. Just last week there were rumors that 10-15 Iowa players were suspended after failed drug tests. After the university's announcement we found out all those rumors were blown out of proportion.

I'm sure there is some truth here, I just have a gut feeling it is much less severe than what many are anticipating.

12/22/2010 19:22

Latest Pryor tweet:

"I paid for my tattoos. GoBucks"


12/23/2010 08:55

Latest update -

Pryor, Adams, Herron, Posey ,Solomon Thomas suspended for first FIVE games next year for selling awards, gifts and university apparel. Eligible for Sugar Bowl game.


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