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Jerry Sweed
03/28/2011 13:35

The person that wrote this article must of never played the game. The contents of the article was terrible.

I coached basketball for 25 years. The Bucks didn't shoot the ball well. I taped the game and broke the film down the next day. We had 16 open looks at the basket and not one shot dropped. It had nothing to do with Kentucky's length or defense or Calipari's scheme. We were cold and we got beat. The three best shooting teams in the country (Duke, OSU and ND) all got beat for the same reason. Live by the three, die by the die.

03/28/2011 17:02

Jerry: Actually I played, coached and officiated the game. Thad did get outcoached as most "experts" have also said. Buford was chucking up shots quickly without involving teammates and needed to be settled down. Even one minute to calm down and get a little face time with one of the coaches would have helped. In addition, a little more use of Dallas Lauderdale could have caused Kentucky fits since they only have one big man.

By the way, you don't have to live by the three when you have a talent like Sully on your team. So that alone shows that Matta didn't get the job done in this game. Thanks for weighing in but I totally disagree with you.


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