After a month long hiatus here at The Silver Bullet, we are finally back just in time for the Spring Game. Unfortunately, for the first time in years we aren't actually at The Shoe to take the game in live, which means we around to chat it up.

The game starts at 1:30 PM Eastern Time on the Big Ten Network, but the LiveBlog begins at 1:00 PM. We hope you join us as we take in what may be one of the most interesting spring games in recent memory.


04/23/2011 09:00

Here's the Spring Game scoring system via 11W:


* 1 point for forcing a punt
* 3, 7 points for fumble recovered
* 3, 7 points for pass interception
* 12 points for interception or fumble for TD
* 1 point for tackle behind line of scrimmage
* 2 points for sack
* 3 points for blocked field goal
* 1 point for blocked punt
* 2 points for unsuccessful 2 point play
* 3 points for stopping a 4th and 1 behind the 50
* 2 points for stopping a 4th down inside the 50


* 6 points for a TD
* 1 points for each 1st down
* 1 point for each play over 20 yards
* 1 point for PAT
* 3 points for FG
* 2 points for each 2pt conversion


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