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Normally, I’d do a game preview of OSU’s upcoming game, but we’ve played Northwestern before, and we’ve played a team with a similar ‘pass it around and look for back-door cut or shoot before shot clock runs out’ approach. So, I’ll
pass for this basketball game preview.

Speaking of basketball, yesterday I was reading Monty’s article at BHC on Jared Sullinger ( when these lines
struck me.

In addition, Thad threw the team out of practice the day before the Wisconsin game by saying, “They weren’t ready to practice, and this team has shown that we play like we practice.” 

Matta wasn’t referring to the entire team but rather this upperclassmen by adding, “My freshmen always come to practice. They do a great job.”

So, I wandered over to Columbus Dispatch, and sure enough there was a  post-game video snippet of Thad Matta and Aaron Craft. Craft’s contribution amounted stating that the season is over a hundred practices, tough to get up for them,
but the Buckeyes are a young team and they’ll get it figured out soon, etc.

A couple things here; first, I’m a little dismayed that this close to the season end, in a practice before a critical conference game, and Thad deems the team wasn’t ready to practice. It was pretty obvious that Wisconsin was ready to play. For the players who may hope to move on to the next level, I cannot believe that NBA practice/ travel/ game requirements will be any easier. 
Since I’m glass-half-full sort, I want to end this on an upbeat note. In spite of this grueling schedule, Aaron Craft was named an Academic All-American. This is quite an accomplish and Crafty is to be commended. Well done, lad.



02/28/2012 10:31

I thought B-ball would be a relief from F-ball. It has turned out to be so stressful as our B-ball Bucks seem to be playing lost.

02/28/2012 11:24

Mike, I know, I know. After the trials and tribulations of last F-ball season, I was really looking forward to the respite of this B-ball season. Sadly, no....


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