Brian Bobek considering his options
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June is a slow time for football news, but most of us hoped this week would be full of reports of verbal commitments after a big recruiting weekend.  But, alas, we are still waiting.  That doesn't mean there is nothing to report, however, and at TSB we have dug deep to give you our weekly news and notes:

Pee and Flee: Much Ado About Nothing? By now everyone is aware of the fact that returning starters Jake Stoneburner and Jack Mewhort were arrested on June 2nd, accused of urinating on a daycare building in Shawnee Hills, and running from police as officers approached them.  While it is never a good idea to run from the law, the whole incident struck me as a lot of fuss over a minor issue.  Apparently both young men have since pled not guilty of the misdemeanor charges of obstructing justice.  In addition, Stoneburner is now set to go to court and answer the charges, as mentioned in the following piece from NBC4.  It will be interesting to see if it does actually make it to trial or if some kind of plea bargain is agreed upon.  Hopefully it will all blow over before the season begins.

Sandusky Trial Gets Uglier - Speaking of trials the news out of Bellefonte, Pennsylvania continues to get worse, as Jerry Sandusky faces 52 counts of abusing young boys.  Already, the jury has heard from victim number one, victim number two and former player and coach, Mike McQueary.  It seems apparent that Sandusky is headed from Penn State to the state pen, but it is also obvious that a huge coverup took place in State College, and each day the whole thing gets uglier.  Normally I would be happy to see the media bullseye removed from Ohio State, but nobody can find any pleasure in this terrible tragedy.  Hopefully justice will previal. 

Did Hoke Pull Offer from Dukes?  There has been a rumor making its way around the internet that Brady Hoke revoked the scholarship offer of Jaron Dukes.  TSB's Michael Chung took the time to interview Dukes, and you can read it in its entirity here.  In a nutshell, Jaron claims that it is only that - a nasty rumor that has no validity.  Once again, don't believe everything you read - especially in threads posted on the web!

Bobek Transferring: For some time now we have heard that center Brian Bobek is going to leave Ohio State, after basically being demoted to third string at center.  Once a highly prized recruit out of Illinois, Bobek was thought to have a chance of starting this season, but apparently fell on the depth chart behind true freshman Jacoby Boren.  This week, Bobek did pack up and depart Columbus, and has yet to announce his intended destination, but those on the insdie say that he very well may choose a Big Ten school.  Stay tuned! 

Ohio $tate's Frugal Recruiting: In one of the more interesting and surprisng things I have read recently, Brian Bennett (ESPN Big Ten Blog) reports that Ohio State has spent far less than most other B1G schools in football recruiting the past two years.  Consider that the Buckeyes only spent  $297,342 in 2010 and $320,938 in 2011.  Meanwhile Minnesota (the mighty Gopher recruiting machine) spent that much ($615,000) in 2010 alone!  Purdue ran up a tab of nearly a million dollars in 2010-11, and not surprisngly, Michigan led the whole conference, spending well over a million dollars in recruiting during that period.  Penn State didn't reveal their numbers, but I'm sure they are spending a lot more than that in legal costs these days!  Of course, we all know that Tress was conservative and did most of his recruiting in Ohio.  One would suppose Urban will have a much bigger bill at the end of 2012. 


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