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Well it's that time again. Hump Day is here and I know you can't wait for the weekly Buckeye news...just humor me and play along.  So here goes...

Death of the BCS: Ding, dong the BCS is gone, or will be after the 2013 season.  We have waited for this day a long time, and by "we" I mean 99% of college football fans.  That means beginning in 2014 there will actually be a college football playoff.  The decision was agreed upon yesterday at a meeting of the eleven conference commissioners and twelve university presidents and chancellors who approved a new four-team postseason format. It may not be perfect or all some hoped for but at least it as a start, as there will be four teams which will be seeded much the way basketball teams are chosen by a committee for the NCAA tournament.  The two semifinals will take place in bowls, with the title game being put up for bid.  And, the semifinal venues will rotate among six diffeernt bowls.

The truth is, it seems the B1G was the last hold out and goes into the new playoff system kicking and screaming (surprise, surprise).  Offically, Big Ten commissioner Jim Delany issued the following statement: “As we moved forward to identify a new model, we had a couple of really important issues.  We wanted to continue to support the regular season, we think it does that. We also wanted it to be  inside the bowl season, it does that. We also think the method for selecting teams is more rational, it has fewer conflicts and is more transparent. So when I think at the whole situation, I think college football, the Big Ten and the  players and coaches are well served.”  Whatever!

For a good read with lots of details check out theis piece from Steve Helwagen. 

Sully Bashing Continues:  I am not sure if I have ever seen a really good college player trashed as much as Jared Sullinger has been the past few months.  Making matters worse, medical tests have revealed that his back is not healthy, and could be a continuing issue.  The latest "slam" came from the NBA itself, as they did not invite Sully to the draft Thursday in Newark, N.J.  That means they don't expect him to be one of the first 13 players selected.  All of this proves again that a player who has an excellent freshman season is almost pushed into turning pro.  The longer a guy stays in school, the more scouts pick him apart, to say nothing of his higher risk of injury.  In the process college basketball fans are the losers, as less and less top-notch players stay in school past their first season. 

The Plain Dealer has an excellent article by Doug Lesmerises in which he compares Sullinger to former football star James Laurinaitis, and is definitley an interesting take.  Let's hope Big Sully proves the gurus wrong just like Little Animal. 

Troy Smith Released:  If you are like me, Troy Smith is one of your all-time favorites, and it is sad to hear that he was released yesterday by the Pittsburgh Steelers, who signed him this past January.  Originally drafted by the Ravens, Smith played little in Baltimore before moving on to the San Francisco 49ers.  He actually started six games for San Fran a couple of years ago, won three of them, and looked pretty good.  But he was released last season and spent the year playing in the USFL for the Omaha Nighthawks.  Troy has never been able to find his niche in the NFL, and one wonders if this will be his last chance.  Regardless, the former Heisman Trophy winner will always be a hero in Columbus.

The latest on JT:  Time marches on, and Jim Tressel is now a "former" Ohio State football coach, but it is nice to see that he will be inducted into the Greater Cleveland Sports Hall of Fame on September 19th.  Speaking of Tress, on Sunday he spoke at the Cherish the Moment Charity Social in Columbus that he was co-chairing with his wife Ellen. His best line: “Of course the wins are important, but I’m still mad about that ’03 Michigan game!"  You have to love that he still has his sense of humor!  And, with nine wins in ten tries against TSUN, JT will always be a legend with Ohio State fans!

Quick Hitting Links:  Nathan Williams is one of nine young men identified by Tom Dienhart as key players in the conference coming back from injury.  One can only hope Williams can indeed make it back, but it is still an uphill battle and I am not convinced he will regain his old burst...Finally, is Iowa seriously going to wear this?  Please tell me it is a bad joke!

Have a great week everybody!


06/28/2012 04:57

I agree that the biggest problem with the BCS has been pre-season rankings. I think the new system has a couple of strengths: 1) It will have 4 teams instead of 2 (I would prefer 8 but it is a start), and 2) The teams are chosen at the end of the season by a committee that will look at the whole body of work. Not perfect, by any means, but better in my opinion.

06/30/2012 11:27

While I like the idea of computer rankings & strength of schedule being considered, I'm really glad the BCS is going away. Last year's title game was the biggest joke in the world -- glad it set record lows as far as viewership since it was a fraud of a game.

Glad a playoff is coming. I think some further improvements can be made but it's a step in the right direction.


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