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Billy Price stands 6’ 4” and 305 lbs. A devastating defensive tackle, Price became the third commitment of the 2013 class.  This is part one of a two-part interview. Despite family obligations and busyness, Price made time for this interview and also requested to finish the interview at a later date. I, for one, am excited to continue it as I was impressed by his maturity at such a young age. Being compared to John Simon, there are great expectations for Price at OSU. Thanks to Donald Gale for help with this interview.

Why did you commit so soon?

BP: I wanted to get the decision out of the way and not mess around.  I did not want all the attention and time that I would have to spend talking to coaches, visiting schools, and dealing with media. I wanted to focus on my season, family, friends, and my studies during my senior year.

What were some of the things that were taking up your time?

BP: It is really stressful; coaches will stop by your school and pull you out of class.  There is tons of mail that comes to your house. Coaches are constantly Facebooking and Tweeting you, it is an aspect of time.  I did not want to take so much of my time on making a college choice; I want time with things other than football.

How did you deal with all this pressure?

BP: I have a great support system.  I have not had to deal with coaches from other schools too much because my high school coach and the principal of the school know I am 100% Buckeye.  Now, I do not get pulled out of classes and I don’t have to spend too much time on making a college choice. I can focus on my life.

How do you assess yourself as a teammate and a leader?

BP: I have respect from my high school teammates. It is very straightforward, you have a job and you do your job.  We depend on each other, my HS teammates look up to me as a solid player who does his job on the field and does what the coaches ask me.

How much did their parents influence your decision? 

BP: Not much, they want me to go where I was happy and let me make my own decision but they are Buckeye fans, so they were happy with my choice.

You competed against Steve Miller and Se’von Pittman in high school. What kind of players are they and how did you do against them?

BP: Steve Miller is a monster; he blew me away the first 5-10 plays of the game. I made some adjustments and adapted and felt I had a good game against him.  Se’von is also a monster and will have a major impact on Ohio State. I did not get the opportunity to face him one on one because I am an offensive tackle and he played inside but if I face him at OSU I think I can give him a run for his money. He will be at a higher level than me now, so I may not do as well but I will work hard to improve.

Yahoo Sports lists Ed Warinner as the coach who recruited you?  He is an O-line coach, is there a chance you play O-line at Ohio State?

BP: They said I am playing defense, but if they need me at O-line, I am available.  I will go in and work hard to be the best d-lineman I can be and get playing time there because that is where I feel I am best.


06/05/2012 07:13

Interesting interview Mike, nice job. Price seems like another quality 'character' person who can also play at a pretty high level. I'm looking forward to Part II and to young Mr. Price taking the field.


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