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Do you remember the first day of school?  I remember in grade school planning out my wardrobe for the week, wearing my best and most trendy clothes.  When I was really young and starting school, I remember not wanting to go and writing the two or three words that I knew on a piece of paper (I believe one of them was zoo).  I think if we can think back far enough, we all have memories of first day jitters.

My first days as a college freshmen were also nerve racking.  I worried I would be late, I worried I would get lost. Walking across the Oval with a mass of humanity was also intimidating.  I believe my first class at Ohio State was Inorganic Chemistry at 9 am.  In short, we have all lived what OSU’s incoming freshmen football players are experiencing today.

The 16 remaining members of the 2012 class officially made it to Columbus and have started classes. Some arrived earlier, while others arrived over the weekend.  Brandon Castel writes:       

After adding six new freshmen back in January, Ohio State head coach Urban Meyer welcomed three more players from the class of 2012 to his roster in the spring.

That included offensive tackle Taylor Decker — who is already competing for a starting spot on the offensive line — along with defensive end Se’Von Pittman and linebacker Luke Roberts.

They joined a group of their classmates already in Columbus, including quarterback Cardale Jones, wideout Michael Thomas, tailback Bri’onte Dunn and lineman Jacoby Boren for the start of spring practice back in April.

Now the entire recruiting class will be reunited — or really united — for the first time at Ohio State as the 16 remaining members of the class join the fold for the Summer classes — and the start of semesters at Ohio State. [1]

Having already interviewed many of them previously, I chatted with a few of them to get their thoughts on the first day of school. Here is what a few had to say.
Diesel Washington

How was the first day?

D (for Diesel): It was good.  A lot is expected out of us in the classes but we have a lot of academic support.

Did Marotti beat you up today?

D: Coach Marotti workouts are intense, but he didn't put it on us today

What classes do you have this semester?

D: Exploration program, University Survey in the College of Education, Human Ecology and Contemporary issues affecting intercollegiate student athletes

Who have you hung out with today?

D: Jamal Marcus. Noah Spence. David Perkins

David Perkins

How was your first day?

DP: Went really well. Lots of testing today like at combines. No heavy lifting testing except how many times one can lift 225lbs. 

Who did the most 225 reps?

DP: Joey O’Connor got 20.  Pat Elflein also did a lot. I did it 14x.

What else did Marotti have you do?

DP: We ran the 40-yard dash, broad jump, shuttle, push-ups and pull-ups.

Who had the fastest 40 times today?

DP: I think the fastest 40 time was Najee Murray then De’van then me.  Armani Reeves was after me.

How were classes?

DP: Was good, pretty long. I have 3 classes this semester.

Did Coach Meyer talk to you guys today?

DP: Coach Meyer talked to us this morning. He just came in and said what’s up?  It was not a serious speech, just stopping by.

Who are you hanging with?

DP: I am hanging right now with De’van Bogard, Noah Spence, Kenny Hayes, and Ryan Shazier

Joey O’Connor

What was your first day like?

JO: It was pretty crazy, lots of moving around; workouts were intense but kind of fun.

I heard you did a lot of 225 reps, did you do the most or was there someone who did more?

JO: I did 225 lbs 20x but I think Pat Elflein did more than I did.

What was the hardest part of today?

JO: Probably adjusting to the speed and intensity of everything.

Who are you hanging out with now?

 JO: My roommate Joe Burger; he is a walk-on.

What classes do you have?

 JO: I have a student athlete class and two online classes.

What did the coaches do to facilitate getting to know each other?

JO: We basically worked out with all the freshmen and we got to meet some of the upperclassmen as the day went on so we are slowly meeting everybody.

Thanks everyone for your time and giving us an inside look into Ohio State football.

[1] Castel also has an interesting list on who he thinks will make: “An Instant Impact,” then a list of people who “Need to Show Something,” followed by “Never Say Never.”


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