O-H-I-O from The Gambia, Africa!
Dave Thurman (5:12 pm)

It is on week's like this that family and friends start to worry about me.  Normally, I can hide my obsession with Ohio State football, but not on the week of the opening game...and certainly not when it's the beginning of the Urban Meyer era.

Understand, that even during the offseason I tend to be a little out of control when it comes to the Buckeyes.  All you have to do is set foot in my house and you'll know that I suffer from chronic Buckeye fever.  The loft in our house is painted scarlet and gray and decorated with so much Ohio State football paraphanelia that first time guests gasp when they come up the steps.  We even have a small refrigerator in the room, so we can grab cold drinks during the game and not have to traipse downstairs to the kitchen. 

It gets worse.  When my wife wanted a cat she came home from the humane society, proudly announcing that she had named the furry little thing Scarlet.  Then, she wasn't happy until we got another cat so we could name him Gray.  When my son and his wife adopted a golden retriever recently I was ticked that they didn't name him Brutus.  Yes, I am a sick man!

Last year I took a team over to Zimbabwe, Africa, to work with a school and clinic out in the bush.  On our way home, we had to make an emergency landing in The Gambia (don't ever head there intentionally), and wound up stranded in that cesspool for the better part of a day.  My solution to fatigue and boredom?  A quick dip in the nearby Atlantic Ocean, in which I got four of the young ladies on the trip to do their best O-H-I-O pose. 

When my kids were small and we spent our vacation at the beach, we didn't make sand castles like other normal families, but instead created The Shoe.  It's true - I have the pictures to prove it.  We got pretty good at it after a few years!  Just about got into a fight with a guy who unknowingly stepped on it one time, though.

As you can see, it doesn't have to be the week of a game to get me juiced.  So imagine what I am like on the eve of Urban's initial contest in venerable Ohio Stadium.  Truth is I am having trouble sleeping, and find that I can't go more than an hour in the office without checking all the best Buckeye blogs and websites to see if there is any news.  Admit it - you are dealing with some of the same symptoms right now, aren't you?  And that's why after the jump I'll give you a few tidbits from Urban's B1G Teleconference today.

Truth is there weren't a whole lot of new revelations in Meyer's remarks today, but here are a few of the highlights:

Storm Klein's role is yet to be determined after missing all of fall camp. Meyer also indicated that he reinstated Klein to the team based on the facts of the case and after talking to the families involved. 

Urban again praised Miami quarterback Zac Dysert and wideout Nick Harwell calling them tremednous players.  He said he is confident that the d-line will get pressure Saturday but isn't as sure of the pass coverage against Miami's fine receiving corps.

Just off the top of his head, Meyer mentioned Devan Bogard, David Perkins, Noah Spence, Adolphus Washington, Michael Thomas and Taylor Decker as freshmen who will play this week for sure.  He also indicated that Bri'onte Dunn and Rod Smith are locked up in a battle for the number two tailback spot, and said that Warren Ball looked good before the injury to his foot. 

And he reiterated that Nathan Williams has practiced and should play at least a little Saturday, having passed all the medical tests.

That's all for now.  But if you are obsessed as me you'll be scouring the internet until the wee hours of the morning.  Go Bucks!


08/28/2012 14:37

Love the new site format/look.

Great article, Dave... it's good to see you've led your family in important ways!!

08/30/2012 10:48

Thank Mali! Appreciate the support.

08/28/2012 14:56

Thanks Mali. Look forward to bantering back and forth again this year with Live Chat.

08/29/2012 07:33

I'm going crazy too. Saturday can't come soon enough.


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