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It is game week (which sounds really good, doesn't it?) and TSB has some great coverage coming at you the next few days.  But to get things started, lets talk a little about Urban's press conference today and a few things we learned.

Concerning his first game as the head coach: Meyer let it be known that he is very excited about running out of the tunnel at Ohio Stadium, and even commented, "I'll be coming out of my shoes a little bit."  He expects to be emotional, but will take great pride in walking the sidelines in scarlet and gray.

Regarding the opponent: Urban said that having coached two years at Bowling Green in the MAC he is very familiar with the history and tradition of the Miami program.  He said that QB Zac Dysert and WR Nick Harwell are good enough to play for any school in the country.  However, it is obvious that Meyer is more worried about his team that the opposition and claimed he believes that he has the "angry team" that he deisres. Of course part of getting the team in that state of mind are tough practices and Meyer referred to Tuesday practices as "Bloody Tuesday" when he works the team to the brink of quitting. 

Buckeye traditions: For those who were concerned (and I never was) Meyer is all about the timeless OSU traditions, and plans to keep issuing Buckeye Leaves, and even intends to hand them out publically as a form of inspiration.  The team will also continue to walk from the Blackwell Center to St. John Arena for the Skull Session.

Player Notes: What most of us want to know more than anything else is in regard to the plyers themselves: the depth chart, injury reports, and which players are standing out.  In his Monday presser, Urban let us know a lot about a few individuals.  For instance, he said that Nathan Williams is ready to go in a limited role, and should play a little this week.  Jacoby Boren is at 100% now, and is listed as a the backup at center.  Overall there are fourteen freshmen listed on the two-deep for this week's game, which can be accessed here.  A couple of frosh who won't be playing are Kyle Dodson and Warren Ball, who appear to be headed for a redshirt season.  Ball has been injured, and is recovering from surgery, and Dodson has loads of potential but isn't ready for the rigors of the B1G just yet.

There are few surprises in regard to the depth chart.  A couple things that caught my eye were the fact that Adam Griffin is still listed as the backup at one corner, rather than any of the true freshmen, and Bri'onte Dunn is second team at tailback, holding off the fast charging Rod Smith. 

Meyer made it clear that a few players have made big jumps this fall, and singled out Carlos Hyde, Corey Linsley and Philly Brown as being the players who jumped the most on offense.  He also indicated that the receivers have improved the most of any position group.  Meyer added that Garrett Goebel and Travis Howard stuck out as the most improved on defense, and said Kerry Coombs has really helped Howard rise to the top (which has to be good news to all Buckeye fans). 

The closest player competition appears to have been right tackle, where Reid Fragel is listed as the starter, but Urban said he and Taylor Decker have been neck-and-neck. 

One final note: Curtis Grant is improving rapidly, and Everett Withers reports that he will be calling the plays, and is now comfortable in that role. 


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