Photo via Nick Stevens (highschoolot.com)
Tyquan Lewis just announced moments ago that he will be attending Ohio State, picking the Buckeyes over LSU and North Carolina. He becomes the 17th member of the 2013 class and joins Joey Bosa, Michael Hill, Billy Price and Tracy Sprinkle on the defensive line in this class. 

The 6-4 227 pound defensive end hails from Tarboro, North Carolina, an area of the country the Buckeyes are starting to tap into more. As for Lewis himself, he had developed a relationship with Everett Withers before his hiring a Ohio State, and really seemed to hit it off with Urban Meyer on his visit. 

Lewis, rated a four star prospect by 247Sports, has been an up-and-comer this summer. After really impressing at both the Charlotte NFTC and The Opening, his stock started to rise. He is known for his active pursuit of the ball and his quick first step. A quick look at his film will provide plenty of evidence in both areas. 

While he will likely end up at defensive end for the Buckeyes, playing linebacker isn't out of the question. Much like Josh Perry, who is on the roster now, his continued growth or lack thereof, will ultimately decide where he ends up in scarlet and gray. 

This is definitely a big grab for the Buckeyes as the close out the 2013 class. As of right now the defensive line appears to be stacked for the second class in a row. Look out B1G! Announcement video after the jump.



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