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Dominique Booth (6-1, 195 pounds) is a stunning wide receiver from Indiana (Pike HS). He is a 2014 prospect with already thirteen offers, including the likes of Cal, Indiana, Illinois, Iowa, Mississippi, Miss. St, Missouri, Purdue, and Wisconsin. He is still waiting on an Ohio State offer, but is hearing from the staff. He has been busy with a lot visits this month, including one to Bloomington this last Saturday. He's keeping his options open, so it should be interesting where he goes on his signing day.

How has your high school season been going?

Dominique: It has been good, we are currently 5 and 3 (from 10/11/12). Our last game was a very tough loss because we were better than the team we played. The weather really brought us down with our passing offense. It was raining very hard and was windy which was hard on us.
Which schools have been showing the most interest?

Dominique: Alabama has been recruiting me hard. They are really interested in getting my film and evaluating it. Missouri, Iowa, Ohio State, and Miami are recruiting me the hardest.
How many offers do you have?

Dominique: I am at thirteen offers right now.
What coaches have you been talking to from Ohio State and what have they been saying to you?

Dominique: Coach Herman. He was my coach’s high school coach. They told me every game I play they are watching and at the end of the season they are going to let me know what they are going to do. Most likely they will offer me.

Do you have any favorite schools?

Dominique: I don’t really have any favorite schools right now.
When do you plan on committing?

Dominique: Around February I am looking to commit.
How would you describe your game?

Dominique: I am really good with the ball, my yards after catch are very good. I am really physical and I am a good blocker. I use my athleticism to my advantage.
Any upcoming visits?

Dominique: Yeah. I’m visiting Indiana this weekend (last weekend), than the week after that I’m going to Michigan and after that I’m going to Missouri.
What have the coaches been telling you about your game?

Dominique: They've been telling me they like my game and just to improve my route running. They also said they like my yards after catch.
Are there any schools that you want an offer from the most?

 Ohio State, Florida and Tennessee.
What would you consider your strengths and weaknesses?

Dominique: My strengths are my yards after catch and my physicality. My weaknesses are just my route running.
Do you have any max outs recorded?

Dominique: Yeah. I got a 245 power clean and a squat of 365. Last year my forty time was a 4.58, also a 34 vertical.
When do you think your recruiting has started to blow up?

I started to visit schools during my spring break and then I got my first offer. After that I got 7 offers in two weeks.



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